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  1. Sanders he has been unstoppable this year, all year long almost 100 yards and TD every week
  2. Ellington matchup is too good
  3. Go with Johnson and Flacco
  4. I have Jennings, Gore, and Blount. I really dont want to start Gore against SEA so should I go with Blount or drop Blount and pick up Tre Mason vs OAK? Non PPR THanks in advance
  5. Blue will definitely get the carries and shoelace is playing very well but blue is the safer bet cause the jags game might be over by halftime
  6. Should I start Gore or T. West? Non PPR
  7. Need a second LB. I have Von Miller vs but not sure if I should start him or go with one of these. J. Houston@OAK, C. Matthews @ MINN, A. Olgetree @SD or B. Cushing vs CINN? My other LB is B. Marshall. Thanks in advance
  8. I can start either Kansas City D or PHI defense?
  9. actually picked Gordon up last week lol
  10. Hilton Green
  11. Josh Gordon or Roddy White? Seems like a dumb question but White has been playing really good lately and Gordon is just coming back. Need to win this week first place on the line. Non PPR thanks in advance
  12. I have R. White, Jennings, and T. West. Which 2 should I start? Non PPR
  13. I have AJ Green,T. West, and R. Jennnings. Just don't know what TWO to start? Non PPR Thanks in advance