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  1. I'm also thinking Watkins has better upside. I have Hopkins & Brock has just killed him this year!
  2. Somebody???
  3. Anyone? And what about the possibility that if DAL is either out of the game or gets it locked down they decide to give Romo some snaps & time on the field? Jerry Jones is showing he isn't ready to let go of Romo.
  4. Reed plays, Reed starts
  5. TWO QB league, pass TD is 4, typical 25 yards for a point, every 5 completions get bonus. I have Ben who I am starting. Dak is coming off 2 straight games without a TD. The match up is not good while Rivers has a much better one. Who do I pair up with Ben?
  6. With your depth at WR, easy accept.
  7. Come on. I know it is a bit lengthy but I would like to get some more input please.
  8. Yeah I think Geo is expendable. Too much bust & not a lot of boom there. If Geo gets it done, I would do it.
  9. Yeah I would try that. See if he takes that offer you made. If not I think I would probable move on before paying too much to get Hopkins.
  10. Looks like he needs an RB. However I don't like the idea of giving up either of your starting RB for Hopkins. Your RB's are doing too well for that deal in my opinion.
  11. As turbinator said need to know who is on the other team. The drop off from Brown to other WR's is noticeable. As is from your starting RB to bench RB. Thus it makes it more difficult to package say a RB & WR for Hopkins. Your starting players are pretty good while your bench seems on the thin side. If he needs a TE, I would maybe try offering him Travis Benjamin, the top WR for SD currently & Zach Miller. Though honestly I doubt it will work. Also whether the league is PPR or not affects values.
  12. I apologize for the length of this but I am talking about possible trades with 2 different teams. PLEASE read read through & let me know what you think. ESPN 10 team EXTENDED KEEPER IDP, Every 5 catches = 3 points, Pass TD-4, all other TD-6, Typical scoring, 25 pass yards, 10 yards rush/rec all = 1 point, bonuses for big games Total roster is 26, 15 starters, 11 bench, 2 IR We keep 11 players, no more than 2 from any position, WE START 2 QB STARTING POSITIONS/POSITION LIMITS QB-2/4, RB-2/5, WR-2-6, TE-1/5, K-1/5, OFF Flex is RB/WR/TE, DB-2/5, LB-2/5, DL-2/5 CANNOT include draft picks in trades I have 2 different teams I would be targeting for potential Julio trades My team 5th place 2-2, my team is the highest points scored-the tie breaker, 4 teams are 3-1 QB- Roetherlisber, Rivers, Siemian RB- M Gordon-SD, Lacy, Hyde, M Jones-WAS, J McKinnon WR- J Jones, J Nelson, L Fitzgerald, S Diggs, W Fuller, T Williams-SD TE- W Tye-NYG K- Vinatieri LB- Wagner, Z Orr-BAL, W Compton-WAS DB- L Collins-NYG, B Church-DAL, C Conte-TB DL- C Dunlap,D Hunter-MIN, E Ansah-DET, C Jordan-NO IR- K Allen-WR/SD, N Bowman-LB/SF 1st team in mind, is 0-4, 9th place QB- T Taylor-BUF, Tannehill, A Smith-KC, J Goff-LA, RB- D freeman-ATL, CJ Anderson, A Foster, TJ Yeldon, B Powell, WR- A Brown, K Benjamin-CAR, S Shepard-NYG, A Jeffery, J Crowder, J Brown-AR TE- M Bennett, Z Miller-CHI K- D Hopkins-WAS LB- D Jackson-IND, Z Brown-BUF, D Johnson-KC, DB- R Jones-MIA, K Joseph, J Cyprien IR- NONE Already offered straight up trade of Julio for Antonio. I think this is pretty fair offer. Julio is ranked by almost everyone as the #2 WR & those that didn't ranked him 3rd. Last year in my non keeper league that scores the same there was only a 22 point difference between Julio & Antonio & only 42 from 1st to 3rd. Over the 17 games it shows (we play 16) that is only a 2.4 point per week difference 1st to 3rd. Anyway he turned the trade down. What about offering him Julio & Matt Jones, maybe McKinnon instead if I have too? Being a keeper league, I don't want to really go any much more than that for players that I honestly think will be very close at the end of the year. I certainly don't want to give up 2 KEEPERS for 1, given what I just said. Team 2, no offers made yet QB- Rodgers, D Carr, Cutler, C Kessler-NE RB- McCoy, T West-BAL, Langford-CHI, R Mathews-PHI, T Coleman-ATL WR- M Evans-TB, B Marshall, J Landry-MIA, A Hurns-JAC, M Sanu-ATL, V Cruz-NYG TE- Rudolph, D Allen-IND LB- M Barron-LA, E Kendricks-MIN, C Robertson-NO DB- E Weddle, A Jones-CIN, K Vaccaro-NO DL- A Donald-LA, M Wilkerson-NYJ IR-NONE This is where it gets a little more tricky. Depending on how this goes it could set me up good for this year or maybe put me more in a looking to next year mode. I do know this owner does favor Julio. What about Julio/Rivers for Evans/Rodgers? Now he may not like that deal as I think there is a good chance he sees Jones & Evans as too close & Rivers not close enough to Rodgers, Again I could throw in an RB. I would be willing to throw in McKinnon I think. I would prefer to Brown but think my odds are a bit better trading with team 2. Again I apologize for the length but I am talking about potential trades with 2 different teams. What do you think? Are any of these trades worth even considering or should I stay put?
  13. Come on! Almost 24 hours & not 1 reply.