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  1. Sashi Brown was channeling his best Kevin Costner last night, except they didn't have to trade up to first, they were already there. Before his submitted his pick, he looked at his Sticky note and stuck with the defensive player. Its almost like they watched the movie the night before. Watson is the next Bo Callahan, and Pace looked like the Jaguars GM after the Browns blew up their draft in the movie
  2. Imagine how Pryor would feel if this happened..."I finally get to play for a QB who gonna air it out to me....wait he got traded to where?!?!?"
  3. Makes the Garoppolo situation a little more interesting
  4. I think I would take that swap any day
  5. Aaron Rodgers gets a new weapon per Adam Schefter, Bennett gets to terrorize the Bears twice a year.
  6. Schwartz Link I can't confirm where I read he tried to come back, but I know once he hit free agency they pulled their initial offer.
  7. On another note, Pryor is only guaranteed $6m, with $2m in incentives. He left millions on the table to try and prove something this year. That now makes Pryor and Jefferson who left money on the table from the Browns.
  8. Link "He could've made $8 million to $9 million with the Browns if he had accepted their original offer, but was looking for a bigger deal, maybe as much as $15 million a year, a league source told cleveland.com. But after Pryor hit the open market, a league source said the Browns removed their original offer. Instead, the Browns signed former Rams receiver Kenny Britt, 28, to a four-year deal worth $32.5 million, including $17 million guaranteed. When that happened, the Pryor offer was retracted." Pryor's agent DR thought his market value was gonna be higher. The Browns showed him on day one, by signing Britt who posted near identical stats last year playing for the Rams, what they thought he was worth. They did the same thing last year with Schwartz. Offered him $7.5m a year, he wanted to test free agency, it didn't go according to plan and he tried to come back to the Browns for that $7.5 and they told him keep walking. He walked all the way to KC for a $6.3m contract.
  9. He might have to play QB for them
  10. Hit a tree when I was younger. Broke 5 ribs, punctured a lung, shattered my ankle, and broke my neck in 3 places, but the seatbelt saved my life. Buckle up people
  11. Do you want to tell an owner you cost them the season if Julio tanks and Gurley goes full on beast mode? Collusion has to be proven, and a bad trade wouldn't do it for me. Especially if the guy has Julio and Brown but needs a RB
  12. Glad I benched him today
  13. I don't know what game you watched because I watched an all around great football game. Far from a magical come back, Dallas was very much in the game the entire time and never down by more than a score. Prescott looked good though, better with the game on the line. There's no reason this shouldn't be his team
  14. Unless it's Julio for a kicker you can never question the intent or mindset of fantasy owners. Everyone has their plan and want to manage their team a certain way
  15. Yeah, I think Pittsburgh is resting, and the Bills screams trap game