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An idea for college football

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Step 1: A few years ahead of time (just like they do with the NCAA hoops tourney), select six sites for hosting NCAA FF Tournament Games after the bowl season is over -- three for first round games (one in the eastern third of the US, one in the central third of the US and one on the western third of the US) -- two for second round games (one on the eastern half of the US and one on the western half of the US) -- one for the NC Title Game (in the central half of the US). Hypothetically, this would look like this: Round 1 = Sacremento / Tulsa / Lexington ... Round 2 = Phoenix / Mobile ... NC Game = Minneapolis.


Step 2: After the bowl season, do a final BCS ranking of all the teams. This was the final BCS rankings in 2008.


Step 2: Take the highest ranked seven conference champions and rank them from 1-7 in a tournament where the #1 seeded team gets a bye week (because they played, arguably, the toughest bowl opponent which gives them the bye, plus it continues to emphasize the regular season and the bowl performance) ... and play up to three more games where the National Championship Game is played during the offweek before the Super Bowl. If the highest rated team from your conference wasn't rated at least #7 among the highest rated teams from the other conferences, then tough noogies; you stay home. NOTE: It would be possible for the team that lost its bowl game to still be ranked high enough to be in the tournament, and to beat the team that it lost to in the bowl game and to end up being crowned the NCAA Football Champion.


Last year, this would have resulted in the following tournment:


1. Florida (BCS #1) -- SEC

2. Utah (BCS #2) -- Mountain West

3. USC (BCS #3) -- Pac 10

4. Texas (BCS #4) -- Big 12

5. Penn State (BCS #8) -- Big 10

6. Boise State (BCS #11) -- WAC

7. Virginia Tech (BCS #15) -- ACC


Round 1:

Florida -- bye

Texas v. Penn State (at neutral site) -- Lexingon, KY in my example above

Utah v. Virginia Tech (at neutral site) -- Tulsa, OK in my example above

USC v. Boise State (at neutral site) -- Sacremento, CA in my example above


Round 2:

Florida v. Lowest Rated Team (at neutral site) -- this game is played in Mobile, AL, the city of the two closest to the team with the bye

2nd Highest Team v. 3rd Highest Team (at neutral site) -- this game is played in Phoenix, AZ


NC Game:

Two Surviving Teams (at neutral site) -- in Minneapolis





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I like it- BUT there is no possible way you can do the bowl season AND have a playoff- will never happen.


if we could ever eliminate the bowls, I think using your structure with a 16 team playoff over 4 weeks would be as close to perfek as possible.


I think 16 teams gives you enough competitive teams without dragging into too long of a tournament.

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