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A very quick status on the site as we are all extremely busy dealing with this issue.


The server that houses our website had a disk failure last night that required a hardware fix. That fix uncovered an issue with our file structure that has resulted in all of our data to be inaccessible. Basically we've had a complete meltdown of our system. Currently our hosting support team is working quickly to get us up and running on a new system. This will require a lot of work and will likely take several hours to complete.


We understand fully that this is a critical time for our members and are doing everything in our power to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


Please accept our sincere and deeply felt apology for this. The Huddle is our life, and our livelihood. This hurts us personally more that you know. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We'll keep you posted.



We were able to put together some cheat sheets and top 200's for those that need them. Just click here.



Well as this nightmare continues, there are currently 2 senior techs working on correcting what appears to be faulty recovery work done by the crew yesterday. So my hope is we will be breaking out of this perfect storm of bad situations soon. Unfortunately there is no way to get any ETA's established due to the nature of the work having to be done. If what they try next works, we're up. If not it's on to the next possible fix. So it remains a fluid process.



The base site is up but we're still working through database issues. So anything connected to the database, which is a lot (news, login, cheat sheets, rankings, projections, etc.), is still offline. But progress is being made.



The site is now been fully restored to it's former glory. There may be a minor issue here or there, but we'll continue to review the site and Josh Gordon those out and get them fixed. As David and I have already said many times, we deeply apologize for this site outage and will do whatever we can to prevent a repeat. Now back to football!

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Thanks for the updates, mailing the cheat sheets, getting some of it up on the other server, and pointing us to the forums. Quality service efforts there, in the face of what has to have been a fully frustrating disaster.

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