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Needing to cut players

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I did post this in the regular forum but I also thought it would be a good idea to post here to make sure the IDP guys see it being that the majority of the cuts I am talking are on the IDP side. Anyway, what I posted


12 team DYNASTY PPR with IDP with positional limits

Normal roster is 32, we temporarily expand the roster to 37 for rookie/free agent draft & also temporarily expand the position limits

The IN SEASON position limit for WR is 6 which I am over by 2 & have to get down to by tonight.

WR's I have

DeAndre Hopkins, Brandon Marshall, Allen Robinson, Julian Edelman, Tyler Lockett, Willie Snead, Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman

Obviously I keep Hopkins, Marshall, Robinson & Edelman. I believe I should also hold onto to Gordon. That leaves one more between Lockett, Snead & Coleman. Who do I keep?

Also that takes care of 2 of 5 cuts I need to make. So I need 3 more. Some other spots I am looking to cut from

Maybe TE? I have 3 want to keep at least 2. We start 1 & the flex is RB/WR/TE


Ebron, Z Miller CHI, Jordan Cameron

On the Defensive side we start 3 each at LB, DB & DL

At DL I have

Khalil Mack, Kawann Short, Carlos Dunlap, Dante Fowler & Demarcus Lawrence

Should I cut the suspended Lawrence? Or too good to let go? Cutting him would bring me to 4

Then LB I have

James Laurinaitis, Thomas Davis, Mark Barron, Danny Trevathan, Anthony Barr

Should I cut Barr? That would make 5.

The only other position I would consider cutting at is maybe DB

My guys

Eric Weddle, Eric Berry, Jason McCourty, Landon Collins, LaMarcus Joyner

Maybe cut a DB over the LB or the TE?

Which 2 WR would you cut & which other 3 guys would you cut to make the roster limit? Don't want to cut any from RB as I only have 5 guys there.

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Joyner and Lawrence look like obvious cuts to me


Jordan Cameron TE can go. Pre-season talk was all bad on him


I would cut WR Coleman and I would keep Lockett over Snead for upside

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