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Just started FanDuel, how's my lineups? Let's add each other for some head to heads...

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I have a couple different lineups I'm entering, what do you think? For those of you that havent played there, there is no kicker and you get 60,000 to set your lineup (QB, RBx2, WRx3, flex, Def)


Fournette, Breida

Hilton, Woods, Boyd





Other lineup:

Josh Allen

Barkley, Coleman

Chark, John Brown, Fitz





On the second lineup I have $100 left and only meaningful change I could make it spending it to put Goff at QB but I really dont want to do that because I wanted to still make good choices while differentiating the 2 lineups. I also like having Allen and Brown together in this one and Goff/Woods in the other one. What do you guys think? Is there anyone else that plays and wants to add me for some head to heads?



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31 minutes ago, Montana is da Man said:

Not bad, like lineup 1 better

Got another I'm gonna post in a bit, donyou do fanduel?

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Ok what about this one:


Fournette, Barkley

Chark, Boyd, Fitz



San Fran

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