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Updated Redskins '05-'06 IDP Thread

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Injury update


—Safety Ryan Clark, who missed Sunday's 28-21 loss with a bruised spleen, hasn't ruled himself out this week. Clark said he has no pain on his side and if doctors clear him early this week, he'll resume practicing.


- Carlos Rogers, who started for injured cornerback Walt Harris on Oct. 2 against Seattle and again in Denver, aggravated an ankle injury in Kansas City. Rogers, who missed practice last week because of the ankle, said the swelling is less severe this time around.


—DT Cedric Killings suffered a high ankle sprain at Kansas City and is unlikely to play this week against San Francisco.


—DT Joe Salave'a had pain in his plantar fascia against the Chiefs and figures to be limited at best this week.


—CB Shawn Springs is expected to return to practice on Wednesday after missing the Kansas City game with a badly bruised shin.

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- Update: Gregg Williams reported in a quickie interview on today (10/20) that Lavar has been making "great strides" in practice this week and he's more comfortable playing him.


Translation: he WILL get playing time and should work his way back into the lineup. I don't know what this means regarding overall or long term fantasy value right now, but the team desperately needs a playmaker on the defense to cause turnovers, and Lavar fits that bill. I'd suspect he's undervalued in almost any league and will be at least a worthwhile LB3-4 on your squad for the remainder of the year; if he ends up playing full time, he could be better than that for you.


One thing's for sure - if you have him already, start him this week. Lavar is all emotion and will be looking to decapitate people after having sat for this long. Plus, the 49'ers are starting a rookie QB in his second game on the road behind a terrible o-line.

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One thing's for sure - if you have him already, start him this week.



Are you sure, redman? That's quite a call since the guy hasn't seen the field this year and there's obviously some stuff going on there. I've got him and would love to start him since I've got bye issues this week, but it's such a risk. I can't afford a goose egg in one of my LB spots. How confident are you?

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Are you sure, redman?  That's quite a call since the guy hasn't seen the field this year and there's obviously some stuff going on there.  I've got him and would love to start him since I've got bye issues this week, but it's such a risk.  I can't afford a goose egg in one of my LB spots.  How confident are you?






I'm not saying put him in as your LB1. But if you're playing 3-4 LB's on your squad, I'd definitely start him. I'll be starting him and here are my LB's so you can guage:


M. Washington :D

A. Pierce :D

C. June :D

EJ Henderson :D

L. Arrington

Crowder :D


The last time that he came back from a long layoff that I remember was last year at the 49'ers coincidentally. Turned out it was too soon for his injury. However the very first play back, Lavar de-cleated a pulling offensive tackle because he was so jacked up about getting back on the field.


Do the math here. Terrible offensive line, young QB, a defense struggling to get turnovers and sacks, and he's back in the linuep. I think they're going to use him to rush the passer - a relatively "safe" assignment for him to get his legs back - and when he's been used in that role (2002) he's been able to put up numbers (11 sacks). As pathetic as this is, he's probably the best pass rusher on the team at this point (he's really not all that good at it from a technical standpoint) but he hits hard and is good at forcing fumbles.


Anyway, the coaching staff has broken him down. I think they're going to build him back up with playing time to reward him for getting with the system.

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For a quick lesson on how to get your rookie QB killed:

"I think perception and reality are a little askew on that one," Nolan said of Arrington being a great player.


"He's OK," Nolan said.

This will not end well. :doah:

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Well, Lavar ended with 7 tackles, and 2 assists, so it was a nice day for him. I must confess that I thought he'd come out of there with a forced fumble or a sack or something. He did hit Smith hard one play, and played inspired though, and that's why I thought he was a good play.

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Well, Lavar ended with 7 tackles, and 2 assists, so it was a nice day for him.  I must confess that I thought he'd come out of there with a forced fumble or a sack or something.  He did hit Smith hard one play, and played inspired though, and that's why I thought he was a good play.







redman, kudos to you! It was a ballsy call and you were right. I'm pissed because I figured I'd take the chance and changed my lineup on Saturday to start LaVar. I don't know what happened but I looked at it midgame Sunday and saw that he was still on my bench. Maybe I didn't hit submit on MFL or something, but I sure meant to start him. Don't think I've ever made that mistake before! Regardless, it was a good call and I should have benefited from taking the advice.


Well done. :D

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Injury notes:


—CB Carlos Rogers was held out of Sunday's game against the 49ers after aggravating the ankle he had sprained the previous week. Rogers should return as the nickel back this week at the N.Y. Giants.


—DT Joe Salave'a gutted it out against San Francisco, starting despite an extremely painful plantar fascia, in part because fellow DTs Cedric Killings (ankle) and Aki Jones (hamstring) were hurt even worse. Salave'a, who didn't practice last week, was limping badly on Monday, but is expected to remain in the lineup in New York.


—DT Cornelius Griffin will likely miss at least one practice this week after straining a hip flexor against the 49ers. Coach Joe Gibbs is hopeful that Griffin, who has missed just five games in his six seasons, will be ready to face his old team this Sunday.


—FS Sean Taylor, who came within three yards of his first touchdown after picking off the fifth pass of his career, was limping around on Monday with an ailing ankle and might miss some practice time this week.

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Continue to monitor Lavar Arrington's situation right now. It looks to be a week-to-week decision on him.

Back to the future?



ASHBURN - The former prized pupil, but still fan favorite, smashed into quarterbacks, snuffed out reverses and left his impact on the game. It’s what earned LaVar Arrington three Pro Bowl trips in the past.


But it hasn’t guaranteed the Redskins linebacker more time in the future.


Despite finishing with a game-high nine tackles in the 52-17 win over San Francisco, the Redskins (4-2) were non-committal about Arrington’s role for Sunday’s game against the Giants and their high-powered offense.


“It was a good starting point,” Redskins linebackers coach Dale Lindsey said. “Is it what we wanted it to be against what we think would be one of the better teams in the league? No, because San Francisco is not one of the better teams in the league.


“But this is the only week that counts. It’s a week-to-week thing.”


For whatever reason, Arrington had barely played until Sunday. Afterward, he hugged coach Joe Gibbs and exchanged, “Good games” with the defensive coaches.


“He made some plays,” Gibbs said. “That [playing time] is something for the defensive coaches. ... You’d hope to see him play a lot.”


The coaches liked his preparation last week.


“I stepped it up a little more the last couple weeks in practice,” Arrington said. “I didn’t know I needed to show them that or I might have moved around quicker before then.”


And he liked tackling a runner for a seven-yard loss on the reverse.


“Normally that would have taken me a little while longer to get it,” Arrington said. “Maybe I’m buying into the system and I was where I was supposed to be.”


Said Lindsey, “He had an idea of what we wanted him to do. There was some semblance of follow-through of what the defense was and what we asked him to do as opposed to [reacting] on what he saw from the offense. ... If you don’t do what you need to do, you won’t be on the field. If you will, you’ll certainly be on the field.”


Lindsey said on 49ers running back Kevan Barlow’s 17-yard touchdown run, Arrington got himself slightly out of position. But he quickly pointed out that several others also were out of position (including linebacker Warrick Holdman).


“In pursuit of the ball, he looked like he was completely healthy,” Lindsey said, “and he gave it a darn good showing for himself. As far as execution and attention to detail, there’s room for improvement. The same is true for everyone.”


LaVar Leap


- Arrington had seven solo tackles Sunday, four more than any other Redskin.


- Arrington played mostly in the four-linebacker packages, lining up at three of the four spots. He also played some at defensive end.


- Arrington entered the game with two tackles.

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Week 8


Gregg Williams came out again this week to compliment Lavar Arrington's great practices. Last week that preceded the most playing time he got all year. I think this is code, at least for the time being, for "he will play".


He may well be fired up again given that this is a very important early, intra-division road game versus the Giants that's basically a pick-em. I can see Lavar wanting to be a difference maker.

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Redskins: Defensive line is limping along

By JOSEPH WHITE, AP Sports Writer


ASHBURN, Va. -- After Phillip Daniels sprained his ankle, he was in so much pain he dropped to his knee between plays. His teammates were getting concerned.


"They were telling me to go out," Daniels said. "I said, 'Naw, we don't have nobody else."'


Joe Salave'a said the only time his foot wasn't in pain was when he was "taking a drink on the sidelines." Still, he looked out onto the field, realized the defense was running out of players and went back in.


"I didn't think it was a macho thing. Our numbers were down," Salave'a said. "You don't want to put your teammates in that predicament, so I was able to go back in, hobble around and make a couple of more plays."


Perhaps someone should be taking a roll call of healthy limbs when the Washington Redskins defensive line has a meeting. Starters Daniels, Salave'a and Cornelius Griffin did not practice yesterday after limping off the field for some or most of Sunday's 36-0 loss to the New York Giants. Backups Cedric Killings and Aki Jones are also banged up. The defense had to borrow offensive linemen just to get through practice.


"I told them we need a signup sheet at the end of practice: 'Sign up and try out for D-line,"' said Renaldo Wynn, the only healthy starter.


Griffin lasted only two plays against the Giants with a hip flexor and is listed as questionable for Sunday night's game against Philadelphia. Daniels is listed as probable with his ankle, while Salave'a is questionable but plans to play even though he needs several weeks of rest.


The injuries are coming at a tough time. Every body - able or not - will be needed for the crucial division game against the Eagles. The loser will fall into last place in the NFC East.


"We're about as short as I think I've ever seen a group of guys," said defensive tackle Brandon Noble, who has stayed around as an ad hoc assistant coach after season-ending knee surgery in September. "There are guys that are not going to have a choice. They're going to have to grunt through the next couple of weeks until we get a couple of other guys healthy. It's pretty ugly. We're keeping the trainers busy."


The offense has its own concerns. Left tackle Chris Samuels had fluid drained from his knee this week and did not practice yesterday, but he is listed as probable for the Eagles. Tight end Robert Royal is questionable with a calf injury.


"You're blessed if you go through this thing with everybody being healthy," coach Joe Gibbs said. "It's just not going to happen. What you don't like to have is a number of things in one week."


The injuries mean the Redskins are constantly shifting players along the defensive line. Ends Demetric Evans and Wynn have been playing out of position at tackle. The team has switched from a 4-3 alignment to a 3-4 frequently in the last two games to compensate for the lack of linemen.


The results are predictable. The Redskins are allowing more big gainers - Tiki Barber ran for 206 yards Sunday - and have sunk to 25th in the league against the run.

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Redskins' Arrington humble, wants to repair situation


Nov. 3, 2005

CBS wire reports


ASHBURN, Va. -- LaVar Arrington said he could have handled his benching better, that the coaches were right about his knee injury, and that his relationship with the Washington Redskins isn't beyond repair. He even confessed he's had to learn how to run all over again.


Instead of crowing about his possible return to the starting lineup, Arrington was in a humble mood Thursday, mixing the excitement over the chance to play his first entire healthy game in nearly two years with the tempered hindsight of the last two months.


"I could have handled things a little bit better in certain instances, but that's neither here nor there," Arrington said. "We're where we're at. We've just got to keep building toward something. And me, if this is the challenge in front of me, that I've got to try and work my way back through the ranks, then rather than trying to be a prima donna and say 'I am who I am, you should give me an opportunity,' I'd rather just work my tail off to try and achieve that."


The three-time Pro Bowl linebacker has been working with the starters this week, splitting time with Warrick Holdman. The coaches won't say who will start Sunday night's game against Philadelphia, but Arrington is no longer the bit player he was during the first six games of the season.


"We're just alternating him and Warrick," linebackers coach Dale Lindsey said. "One gives us something the other one doesn't have, so we just are toying with both of them and letting Philadelphia worry about who's going to play."


Arrington played the second half after Holdman was benched during Sunday's 36-0 loss to the New York Giants. Tiki Barber ran for 206 yards, mostly on Holdman's side of the field. Up to that point in the season, Arrington had been used sparingly -- if at all -- as a pass-rusher or as the extra linebacker when the defense opted for a 3-4 formation.


Because he is perhaps the most popular player on the team, Arrington's absence created the type of distraction usually associated with a quarterback controversy. Arrington fueled the flames by suggesting his days with the team might soon be over.


Now his point of view has come full circle, and he's more optimistic about his future in Washington.


"This team means the world to me," said Arrington, the team's top draft pick in 2000. "People might think that our relationship is gone, but I think it means the world to me to be a part of this thing. That's why I continue to try and work my tail off to get back out there."


Arrington's change of heart has come after he realized how much he had to work to return from the knee injury that wrecked last season. Initially, he couldn't understand why he wasn't playing when, by the trainer's definition, he was considered healthy. Now, after watching himself on tape, he concedes the coaches were correct when they said something was still missing.


"The more I'm studying film, the better I'm getting, the faster I'm getting," Arrington said. "As much as I would hate to admit that, I'm kind of seeing the differences. I'm realizing you get to a point of health, but then there's a point where you start getting back to who you are."


Lindsey, who has had six knee operations, knew what Arrington was feeling. It just took a while for Arrington to understand.


"You want everything to be like it was, and it just isn't there right away," Lindsey said. "It might be eventually, down the line. I think that's about where he is now, about like where his knee used to be. I think he's feeling very comfortable with it. We've seen him chase plays across the field, accelerate and have confidence that you can stick that foot in the ground and take off."


As basic as it seems, Arrington also realized he had forgotten how to run. No wonder people were beginning to question if he had lost a step.


"I'm watching film and I'm running with my chest up, my head back. ... That's not how you run and catch somebody," said Arrington, who has rectified the problem by leaning forward and lowering his head.


Arrington didn't recognize these things when he was in a sour mood a month ago. Now, he feels closer to his old self, a feeling that began to return when he was used frequently in the 4-3 formation in the victory over San Francisco two weeks ago and in the Giants game.


But those were part-time roles. Arrington will truly be back if he's out there from the get-go this Sunday.


"It would mean a whole lot," Arrington said, "to have an opportunity to try and help dictate the pace of a game from the time it starts."


Just like the old LaVar.

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Warning: according to Gibbs in a directly attributed statement, it's "highly unlikely" that either DT Cornelius Griffin or FS Sean Taylor will play on Sunday.

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