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Found 17 results

  1. Who do I start Newton vs the Jets or R Wilson @ Giants? Thanks
  2. Who should I start? Got a tough match up this week, and I am in a must win. Not sure about starting all these packer players either. Thanks. :-) QB S Tolzien (41) RB R Bush (26) RB B Rainey (23) WR J Boykin (16) WR J Jones GB (16) FLX J Charles (25) FLX S Vereen (13) D/SP Texans (5) K Forbath (11) My Bench A Morris (17) C Newton (24) A Boldin (11) J Thomas TE (14) P Harvin BYE K Allen (10) D Walker (17) ============================================================= MY OPPONENT QB Brees (53) RB Jones Drew (19) Rb F Gore (20) WR Welker (18) (May not play) WR K Wright (14) FLX J Witten (16) FLX A Brown (20) D/SP Packers (2) K Gould (9) His Bench Spiller BYE Seahawks D BYE G Olsen (8) A Luck (29) T Williams (7) M Crabtree OUT R Matthews (9)
  3. Who should I start? QB C Newton (22.08) RB Moreno (15.8) RB Jones-Drew (19.3) WR J Boykin (15.5) WR K Allen (12.6) TE Housler (11) W/R A Brown (18.7) K Succop (12) D/SP 49ers (10) Bench C Keenum (18.26) G Bernard BYE M Lynch BYE B Rainey (16) A Boldin (9.9) M Crabtree OUT ============================================= My opponent QB Romo (13.6) RB R Bush (19.4) RB P Thomas (7.5) WR E Decker (13.2) WR A Johnson (14.4) TE V Davis (9.5) W/R D Bryant (18.6) K Vinatieri (9) D/SP Lions (9) His Bench RG3 (12.56) J Bell (5.3) J Rodgers (11.5) J Starks (2.7) M Jones BYE T Williams (3.8)
  4. Hey everyone! Trying to figure out who to start in PPR League. In order of points scored so far. Welker - Points = 163 - Peyton somewhat hurt. - Tough Matchup against KC. (#10 D against WR) Garcon - Points = 160 - Great matchup against Philly. (#31 D against WR) Hilton - Points = 138 - #1 receiver on Ind...37 and 20 point games since Wayne has been out. - Really tough matchup away at Ten. (#1 D against WR) Gordon - Points = 119 - Actually has the best average points per game out of all of my receivers because he was suspended for first 2 games. - Coming off a bye. - Tough matchup away at Cin (#13 D against WR) Thanks for your help! Sam
  5. There are a couple things I am iffy about... 1 starting K Writght and 2 torn between RBs and who should I start. Let me know what you guys think. My Team QB C Keenum (24.12) RB K Moreno (16.3) RB MJD (18.3) WR D Baldwin (15.9) WR K Wright (17.3) TE G Olsen (10.8) W/R A Brown (19.1) K J Brown (15) D/SP 49ers (15) Bench C Newton (22.66) G Bernard (16.4) M Lynch (14.4) K Allen (11.6) A Boldin (12.6) M Crabtree (OUT) ============================================================ My Opponent QB P Manning (22.2) RB F Gore (20.6) RB A Peterson (28.9) WR D Thomas (12.6) WR S Smith (6) TE J Witten (BYE) W/R G Tate (16.2) K M Crosby (11) D/SP Packers (5) Bench J Freeman (0) D Sproles (12.5) D Brown (4) D Walker (13.5)
  6. Who do I start Newton vs Vikings or A Smith vs Raiders? Newton had a bad outing last week vs the Cards, but I know the Vikings D is not that good. Thanks
  7. My league Newtion projected for 28 and Pryor for 36. The logical choice would be Newton, but Pryor is getting a better feel for the pocket, and going against a poor Charger defense. Thanks
  8. Here is my NFL.com team. Who do I start in my W/R postion? If you see any other mods I need to make, please share. Thanks :-) QB C Newton RB K Moreno RB M Lynch WR A Boldin WR J Gordon TE G Olsen W/R W McGahee K Carpenter D 49ers ==================== Bench A Smith G Benard M Jones-Drew L Miller M Wallace J Cook
  9. Who do I start in this ESPN custom league at my WR and FLEX postions? I was thinkg about pulling Boldin and putting T Austin in since the Jags defense is not that good. Let me know what you thinkg Starters QB C Newton (28) RB R Bush (28) RB F Gore (17) WR A Boldin (10) WR T Smith (14) FLX J Thomas (17) FLX J Cameron (21) D/ST Rams (7) K A Henry (15) Bench A Morris (BYE) M Wallace (10) S Johnson (8) K Moreno (9) T Pryor (36) T Austin (12) N Washington (17)
  10. Here is a NFL.com team I have. What two running backs should I start and who should I put in my W/R position? I am lightly leaning towards Miller since the Saints have given up over 5 yards per rush. QB A Smith RB K Moreno RB M Lynch WR A Boldin WR J Gordon TE J Cook W/R G Bernard K Succop DEF 49ers Bench C Newton M Jones-Drew W McGahee L Miller J Snelling M Wallace
  11. What WR do I start? S Johnson, T Smith, M Wallace Thanks Chris
  12. Who do I start at QB this week with Cam on bye? I currently have A Luck, but with the conservative nature of the Colts Offensive Coordinator makes me wonder if I will get enough points from him. I am also playing the top team in my league this week too. He is 3-0, and I am 2-1. Coulple of QB's I can grab E Manual (33), P Rivers (33), if he can play Pryor is projected (40). My Team QB A Luck RB A Morris RB R Bush WR A Boldin WR S Johnson Flex J Thomas Flex J Cameron D/SP Colts K Hauschka BN C Newton BYE BN M Wallace BN T Smith BN K Moreno BN E Lacy BN K Britt BN T Pryor =============================== His Team QB P Manning RB A Foster RB D Murrey WR J Jones (ATL) WR E Decker FLX J Bell FLX B Powell D/SP Bears K P Dawson (SF) BENCH V Jackson J Nelson B Green-Ellis M Williams J Flacco J Finley B Hartline Thanks Chirs
  13. In this espn league there is no TE position, instead we have 2 Flex positions. Who do I put in my two flex positions? Where you can see line up I will include entire roster. Have any more pointers, please feel free to share them. QB A Luck RB A Morris RB R Bush WR A Boldin WR S Johnson FLEX J Thomas FLEX K Moreno D/SP Colts K S Hauschka ============ BN C Newton *BYE* BN M Wallace BN T Smith BN S Bradford BN J Cameron BN E Lacy *BYE* BN K Britt Thanks Chris
  14. Hi all... I am in a PPR league... I am allowed to start 2 running backs, and have a total of 3 on my team. I am in a conundrum and I don't know who to start!!! I appreciate any advice you guys can give! Which 2 should i start: Maurice Jones Drew, Giovanni Bernard, or Trent Richardson Best, Remo
  15. Which two WRs do I start for this weekend? A Boldin M Wallace T Smith S Johnson K Britt
  16. Who should I start at flex this week? Kenbrell Thompkins, Steve Johnson, Rashard Mendenhall, or Chris Ivory? It's a .5 PPR league.
  17. I'm in a scramble as to who I should start this week at TE Pitta or Bennet? What do you think and Why?
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