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  1. Hey all, got a draft on deck for a Yahoo standard league (non-ppr). This league is a keeper in that one player is allowed to be kept from the previous season. I am new to the league so 6 players have already been taken. I will get the 7th draft pick and it is a 10 person league, so 3 more will pick after me in the first round who didn't keep anyone from last season. Anyways, I'm in a little bit of a dilemma as to who I should take with my initial first pick. Here are the rankings of who's available. 1. A. Peterson 2. M. Forte 3. E. Lacy 4. J. Graham 5. Demaryius Thomas 6. Dez Bryant 7. M. Lynch 8. A.J. Green 9. Demarco Murray 10. M. Ball 11. P. Manning 12. G. Bernard Anyways the format is that I won't have to keep my pick next year, but I draft lower for my first pick if I don't retain my pick. So if someone new is in the league and I give up my "keeper" I would likely get 9th or 10th pick next year. Anyways not sure who to take first overall. Based on what I've read I was thinking Graham or Demaryius for my first pick, but IDK. Any advice would be appreciated as to how I should go about this. My draft is tonight so nothing like some last minute help.
  2. Hey guys, I am in a 14 team 2 QB keeper league (2 year max per player). Should I keep Josh Gordon knowing that he is likely to get 8 games, or should I keep Jake Locker as my 3rd QB behind Rivers and Wilson, both who can't be kept next year. Really stuck on what to do with Gordon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. It almost time for me to set my keepers for this year. This is the first time I have been in a keeper league, it's 10 man with a snake rotation draft (I'm 2nd in the draft). Going into this upcoming season, I need to set 2 Keepers and would definitely appreciate any advice (These keepers will give up my round picks). Last season, my draft was: 1. Jamaal Charles 2. Matt Forte 3. Larry Fitzgerald 4. Peyton Manning 5. Dwayne Bowe 6. Montee Ball 7. Greg Olsen 8. Desean Jackson 9. Mark Ingram 10. Jacquizz Rodgers 11. Daniel Thomas 12. Bengals D 13. Brian Hartline 14 Malcolm Floyd 15. Phil Dawson 16. Ben Roethlisberger I'm almost positive that I'm going to keep Peyton Manning, but I don't know who else I should keep, if any (I'm thinking about Montee Ball). I also picked up Marlon Brown and the Dolphins D.
  4. I won my league last year and an having trouble deciding on keepers. The league is a PPR league and we can have 3 keepers that count as last years ADP 1 round earlier. I am keeping Jamaal Charles round 1 and Giovanni Bernard Round 5 I am having tousle with WR I have Dez Bryant round 2 Percy Harvin round 12 Cordarrelle Paterson round 11 I have pick 10 (serpentine draft). Should I go with the proven talent of Dez Bryant or go for the up side and value of Harvin or Patterson
  5. $500 auction with two keepers at previous year's draft value + $10. Most top tier RB's are kept, so the ones in the draft go for a lot of money. The only RB1's available in last years draft were Foster and Rice, which both went for $128. Here are my options and what they would cost against my $500 budget: Lesean McCoy for $106 Dez Bryant $52 Le'Veon Bell $14 Forte $103 Julius Thomas $10 Harvin $10 Which Two? Wish I could keep them all for $295.
  6. I just got roped into taking over a previously owned Team in a 12 Team PPR Keeper league. We are allowed to keep 3 people, with a total of 16 spots on the team. I played Fantasy only once last year and became addicted so jumped at the chance to join a more competitive league.....blah blah blah sorry. It's H2H, I can play 3WR, 2RB, TE, QB, W/R/T, K, DEF. Most of the Team is 3rd string at best, however I do have 4 people that I need to choose 3 out of to be my keepers: Alshon Jeffery 11th Round (seems like a no brainer) Matt Forte 2nd Round Dez Bryant 3rd Round Antonio Brown 5th round I feel like the first 3 are the smartest moves, however not sure if it's a smart play to only get one first round draft pick and then have to wait to choose another RB or TE until the 4th round.... Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong but that why I present my dilemma to all of you! Thanks for any/all advice
  7. Who do I start Newton vs the Jets or R Wilson @ Giants? Thanks
  8. Who should I start? QB C Newton (22.08) RB Moreno (15.8) RB Jones-Drew (19.3) WR J Boykin (15.5) WR K Allen (12.6) TE Housler (11) W/R A Brown (18.7) K Succop (12) D/SP 49ers (10) Bench C Keenum (18.26) G Bernard BYE M Lynch BYE B Rainey (16) A Boldin (9.9) M Crabtree OUT ============================================= My opponent QB Romo (13.6) RB R Bush (19.4) RB P Thomas (7.5) WR E Decker (13.2) WR A Johnson (14.4) TE V Davis (9.5) W/R D Bryant (18.6) K Vinatieri (9) D/SP Lions (9) His Bench RG3 (12.56) J Bell (5.3) J Rodgers (11.5) J Starks (2.7) M Jones BYE T Williams (3.8)
  9. Need o pick two of three to start at RB of Forte, Ellington, and Lacy. Performance scoring with bonuses for longer TDs a RBs that catch a TD. I don't like Forte's match up, but he is tough to sit. Ellington has the big play potential. Lacy has no QB.
  10. There are a couple things I am iffy about... 1 starting K Writght and 2 torn between RBs and who should I start. Let me know what you guys think. My Team QB C Keenum (24.12) RB K Moreno (16.3) RB MJD (18.3) WR D Baldwin (15.9) WR K Wright (17.3) TE G Olsen (10.8) W/R A Brown (19.1) K J Brown (15) D/SP 49ers (15) Bench C Newton (22.66) G Bernard (16.4) M Lynch (14.4) K Allen (11.6) A Boldin (12.6) M Crabtree (OUT) ============================================================ My Opponent QB P Manning (22.2) RB F Gore (20.6) RB A Peterson (28.9) WR D Thomas (12.6) WR S Smith (6) TE J Witten (BYE) W/R G Tate (16.2) K M Crosby (11) D/SP Packers (5) Bench J Freeman (0) D Sproles (12.5) D Brown (4) D Walker (13.5)
  11. Here is a trade proposed to me by our 1st Place team in my NFL.com league. I get: H Douglas, A Foster, D Heyward Bey, V Davis He Gets D Amendola, G Olsen, G Benard ====================================================================== MY TEAM B Rothlesburger K Moreno M Jones-Drew A Boldin K Wright G Olsen W/R M James K J Brown Cardinals Defense My Bench C Newton G Benard M Lynch D Amendola M Crabtreee 49ers Defense ==================================== HIS TEAM E Manning A Foster R Bush M Colston K Allen V Davis W Welker K M Prater DEF Saints His Bench T Brady J Charles S Ridley S Vereen H Douglas D Heyward-Bey ================================
  12. QB Newton (34) RB R Bush (21) RB K Moreno (21) WR M Wallace (17) WR T Smith (13) FLX J Thomas (14) FLX J Cameron (21) D/SP Dolphins (3) K R Gould (15) BENCH A Morris (17) A Boldin (10) T Austin (8) A Jeffery (13) A Smith (13) L Bell (6) P Harvin (OUT) =================================== MY OPPONENT QB E Manning (38) RB M Lynch (23) RB J Rodgers (11) WR A Green (21) WR A Johnson (13) FLX V Curz (22) FLX T Gonzalez (22) D/SP Cowboys (-7) K Prater (8) Thanks Chris
  13. Who do I start Newton vs Vikings or A Smith vs Raiders? Newton had a bad outing last week vs the Cards, but I know the Vikings D is not that good. Thanks
  14. I really love my team, but I always love tweaking my team and making trades. Do you see anywhere I can significantly improve? Please offer any advice you have. This is a 50/50 PPR with 3 keepers. (Cannot keep AP).
  15. let me know what you think.....it just so happens my opponent this week is my sister. LOL Starters QB Newton @ Vikings (35) RB R Bush @ Browns (18) RB K Moreno Jags (22) WR T Smith Pack (24) WR A Jeffery Giants (21) FLX J Thomas Jags (17) FLX J Cameron Lions (20) D/SP Saints K R Gould Bench A Morris (11) A Boldin (21) M Wallace BYE S Johnson (14) F Gore (16) T Austin (11) A Smith (41) ================================ MY OPPONENT QB RG3 (53) RB J Charles (26) RB L McCoy (27) WR B Marshall (21) WR L Hankerson (19) FLX L Bell FLX W McGahee D/SP Broncos K Hauschka Bench L Fitz J Cook D Hopkins M Brown R Streater P Rivers D Moore
  16. I am in an 8 team ESPN league, standard scoring, no PPR. I am pretty deep at the wide receiver slot so every week I struggle with who to sit and who to start. Almost every week I leave a guy on the bench who explodes and start a guy who plays sub par. I am desperate for advice on how to fix this issue. Here is my roster: QB: Rivers, Newton, RGIII RB: AP, Lacey, Woodhead, Spiller WR: Julio, Boldin, Torrey Smith, Josh Gordon, Kimbrell Thompkins, Eddie Royal TE: Antonio Gates D/ST: Seahawks K: David Akers 1. With peterson on bye and spiller going down with an injury during the game the last 2 weeks I am forced to start Lacy and Woodhead. 2. Julio is a start, but after that its up in the air. Both Smith and Boldin have been spotty especially when facing a good secondary like they are this week and Gordan and Thompkins have been putting up solid numbers but only over a short time period. They are also facing soft defenses this week. 3. It seems that everyone but me is anti-trade. I have tried to shop RGIII, Smith, and Spiller but have either been declined or countered with something outrageous. Any advice would be appreciated I am 2-2 and trying to improve!
  17. My league Newtion projected for 28 and Pryor for 36. The logical choice would be Newton, but Pryor is getting a better feel for the pocket, and going against a poor Charger defense. Thanks
  18. Here is my NFL.com team. Who do I start in my W/R postion? If you see any other mods I need to make, please share. Thanks :-) QB C Newton RB K Moreno RB M Lynch WR A Boldin WR J Gordon TE G Olsen W/R W McGahee K Carpenter D 49ers ==================== Bench A Smith G Benard M Jones-Drew L Miller M Wallace J Cook
  19. Who do I start in this ESPN custom league at my WR and FLEX postions? I was thinkg about pulling Boldin and putting T Austin in since the Jags defense is not that good. Let me know what you thinkg Starters QB C Newton (28) RB R Bush (28) RB F Gore (17) WR A Boldin (10) WR T Smith (14) FLX J Thomas (17) FLX J Cameron (21) D/ST Rams (7) K A Henry (15) Bench A Morris (BYE) M Wallace (10) S Johnson (8) K Moreno (9) T Pryor (36) T Austin (12) N Washington (17)
  20. I know this is probably a bad time with the Redskins having a BYE next week, but if I were to trade A Morris what would be a fair pick up for him? If I got another RB who should I go for? I have Morris on two of my teams. One team I have R Bush and K Moreno, and the other team my RBs are S Jax and F Gore. Thanks Chris
  21. Here is a NFL.com team I have. What two running backs should I start and who should I put in my W/R position? I am lightly leaning towards Miller since the Saints have given up over 5 yards per rush. QB A Smith RB K Moreno RB M Lynch WR A Boldin WR J Gordon TE J Cook W/R G Bernard K Succop DEF 49ers Bench C Newton M Jones-Drew W McGahee L Miller J Snelling M Wallace
  22. What WR do I start? S Johnson, T Smith, M Wallace Thanks Chris
  23. Who do I start at QB this week with Cam on bye? I currently have A Luck, but with the conservative nature of the Colts Offensive Coordinator makes me wonder if I will get enough points from him. I am also playing the top team in my league this week too. He is 3-0, and I am 2-1. Coulple of QB's I can grab E Manual (33), P Rivers (33), if he can play Pryor is projected (40). My Team QB A Luck RB A Morris RB R Bush WR A Boldin WR S Johnson Flex J Thomas Flex J Cameron D/SP Colts K Hauschka BN C Newton BYE BN M Wallace BN T Smith BN K Moreno BN E Lacy BN K Britt BN T Pryor =============================== His Team QB P Manning RB A Foster RB D Murrey WR J Jones (ATL) WR E Decker FLX J Bell FLX B Powell D/SP Bears K P Dawson (SF) BENCH V Jackson J Nelson B Green-Ellis M Williams J Flacco J Finley B Hartline Thanks Chirs
  24. In this espn league there is no TE position, instead we have 2 Flex positions. Who do I put in my two flex positions? Where you can see line up I will include entire roster. Have any more pointers, please feel free to share them. QB A Luck RB A Morris RB R Bush WR A Boldin WR S Johnson FLEX J Thomas FLEX K Moreno D/SP Colts K S Hauschka ============ BN C Newton *BYE* BN M Wallace BN T Smith BN S Bradford BN J Cameron BN E Lacy *BYE* BN K Britt Thanks Chris
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