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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys, I am in a 14 team 2 QB keeper league (2 year max per player). Should I keep Josh Gordon knowing that he is likely to get 8 games, or should I keep Jake Locker as my 3rd QB behind Rivers and Wilson, both who can't be kept next year. Really stuck on what to do with Gordon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. So this is a 10-team money league, all of us are pretty seasoned fantasy players. This was a redraft, and frankly the draft was a bit odd. Anyway, here are my current starters- QB - Andrew Luck RB1 - Adrian Peterson RB2 - Frank Gore WR1 - Dez Bryant WR2 - AJ Green TE - Greg Olsen Flex - Bishop Sankey K - Steven Hauschka DEF - St. Louis Rams Bench QB - Tony Romo WR - Rueben Randle, Emmanuel Sanders RB - Stevan Ridley, Tre Mason TE - Kyle Rudolph I know my TE and RB2 positions are weak. Flex is iffy since Sankey isn't proven. I got lucky with getting stud wide receivers since they fell a bit. How to improve? Should I start packaging off Dez or Green for RB's and a better TE or stand pat? Any help much appreciated!
  3. I was wondering if it is ok to have a running back and wide receiver who play on the same team in my starting line-up? I have Bernard and Green of the Bengals.
  4. This year my league has 2 divisions 5 teams in each and 6 teams go to the playoffs. My question is it the top 3 from each div that go to the playoffs? The only setting I've found is tiebreaker decision which I've set on the division setting.
  5. I'm losing in the championship of my league and need some lineup advice ASAP!! Thanks! Who should i start? RB - Chris Ivory, Edwin Baker, Ryan Matthews, Le'Veon Bell WR - DeZ Bryant, Doug Baldwin, Jerrel Jernigan, Danny Amendola (Choose 5 total from the WR and RB) TE - Julius Thomas or Jimmy Graham D/ST - Seahawks (opponent Saint louis), Colts (opponent Jacksonville), Detroit (opponent Vikings) K - Phil Dawson, Mason Crosby, Josh Brown, Nick Novak
  6. I have a question, I will be a commish next year, and I am in playoffs this year, a friend did a bitch ass move because he is a sore loser cause he is out. Any way he helped his wife who is playing my bro, they had gronk, so with him out they picked up pitta, legit move, then he drops charles clay so they can waiver and they did, he did with lunbar on IR on his bench. Anyway I am asking if there is a way to add any person to the cant cut list for next year? I would want to add any descent players on this misters team to the cant cut list if it's the end of the year and hes out of playoffs, is this possible? Thanks All
  7. Win and I'm in playoffs....PPR league QB Cam Newton RB Marshawn Lynch RB Jamal Charles WR DeShawn Jackson WR Wes Welker TE Julius Thomas Flex options (need one) Donald Brown Rashad Jennings J. Bell Colston G. Olsen Boykin
  8. Lacy and Marlon Brown for Decker and Ellington. Who wins? Does this help me?
  9. After starting 3-0, I have lost 4 straight and now am in 3rd place in my division. Does anybody see anything I can tweak or change on my roster to right the ship? Its probably just me being ticked off because I am scoring points, just not as many as needed (obviously) or should. See below.
  10. I really love my team, but I always love tweaking my team and making trades. Do you see anywhere I can significantly improve? Please offer any advice you have. This is a 50/50 PPR with 3 keepers. (Cannot keep AP).
  11. .5 ppr Giovani at home in the rain Andre Johnson at SF, he's been limited all week with shin injury Anquan Boldin at home against Houston Need to sit 2 of these guys...
  12. Hello all, I'm brand new to fantasy and I'm about to do my first real draft soon. I've been doing a lot of mocks recently from lots of positions and have come up against the same problem several times - by going RB in the first two rounds my WR are often poor and I end up drafting a lot of the same bench anyway. So I've been testing being more flexible after the first round and seeing what happens. I have to say that I like my teams a lot better now I'm doing this. The last draft I did I am really happy with, but being a total rookie that could just be mis-placed optimism. Could you please give some honest feedback on this team? I drafted 5th in a 10 team Yahoo! league, not PPR. 1. Jamaal Charles (KC - RB) 2. Demaryius Thomas (Den - WR) (Hit the wrong button here, meant to go Dez Bryant but not too unhappy) 3. Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - WR) 4. Eddie Lacy (GB - RB) 5. Antonio Brown (Pit - WR) 6. Shane Vereen (NE - RB) (will probably use him as RB2) 7. Andrew Luck (Ind - QB) 8. Montee Ball (Den - RB) 9. T.Y. Hilton (Ind - WR) 10. Chris Ivory (NYJ - RB) (I loved getting Ivory this late, been normally going around 7th) 11. Ben Tate (Hou - RB) 12. Steven Hauschka (Sea - K) 13. Jared Cook (StL - TE) 14. Minnesota (Min - DEF) 15. Alex Smith (KC - QB) (Only going to need him 1 week during Luck's bye - Chiefs are playing the Jags) I'd love to know what you think!
  13. Hi, I'm in a really weird 12 person league, point system breakdown is below. My only question is, what is more important to pick first in my league, what has more value, qb's, or rb's or wr's. Please let me know what I should focus on drafting first. I really apprecaite your help!! Starting Roster Positions & Roster Limits Quarterback: 1 1 Running Back: 2 2 Wide Receiver: 2 2 Tight End: 1 1 Kicker: 1 1 Defensive Team: 1 1 Running Back / Wide Receiver / Tight End: 1 1 Passing Yards: 1pt per 25 yards 1 point per 25 yards Passing Touchdowns: 3 pts 3 points Interceptions Thrown: -1 pt 300-399 Passing Yards Bonus: 4 pts 400+ Passing Yards Bonus: 5 pts 5 points 40+ Passing Yard TD Bonus:1 pt 1 point 50+ Passing Yards TD Bonus: 2 pt 2 points Rushing Yards: 1 pt per 10 yards 1 point per 10 yards Rushing Touchdowns: 3 pts 3 points 40+ Rushing Yard TD Bonus: 2pts 2 points 50+ Rushing Yard TD Bonus: 3pts 3 points 100-199 Rushing Yards Bonus: 2 pts 2 points 200 + Rushing Yards Bonus: 3 pts 200+ Rushing Yards Bonus 3 Receiving Yards: 1 pt per 10 yards 1 point per 10 yards Receiving Touchdowns: 3 pts 3 points 40+ Receiving Yard TD Bonus: 1pt 1 point 50+ Receiving Yard TD Bonus: 2 pts 2 points 100-199 Receiving Yards Bonus: 2 pts 2 points 200+ Receiving Yards Bonus: 3 pts 3 points Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 4 pts 4 points Fumbles Lost: -1 -1 point-1 2-Point Conversions: 1 pt
  14. In a ppr league, which running back would you take, Forte, Spiller, Martin or Chris Johnson?
  15. Hey all, If anyone out there's looking for some help on draft day, go to the Excelville website and check out the Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013 spreadsheet. Don't be that guy in your league that spends 4 minutes sifting through a seemingly endless pile of papers before making a pick. Let this spreadsheet do all that work for you. It'll help you win all your friends' hard earned money and allow you to chug your beers at the end of the season with a trophy in your non-drinking hand. Or, for those who don't understand the concept of a "non-drinking hand", it'll allow you to have a trophy by your side at season's end. While everyone else in your league is getting flustered with who to pick, you'll be chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, thinking about maybe shooting some b-ball outside of the school because your draft spreadsheet will have already done that work for you. It is based off of your own personal player rankings and provides your top available picks each time it's your turn to pick. Additionally, it updates the results from ESPN's mock draft lobby to inform you of when players are being picked in an "average" draft. That way, you'll be aware of when you need to pick a certain player to avoid wasting too high of a pick or waiting too long and missing out. The spreadsheet's got too many features to list here, but suffice it to say that you will easily be the most prepared team in your league. To the victor go the spoils. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at FantasyDraftKit2013@yahoo.com. Enjoy and good luck!
  16. So moving into the Superbowl in my Fantasy league, league is a PPR, I need to pick 2 out of these 4 receivers: Michael Crabtree, Danny Amendola, Brian Hartline, and Stevie Johnson. Being a PPR Amendola is a huge asset because he gets a lot of catches, but coming off that foot injury makes me skeptical. Michael Crabtree has to travel to Seattle, the only place the Sea chickens are good. Stevie Johnson has been decent in PPR's due to a good amount of receptions, but low on TD's. He has to travel to Miami, who's pass D has been lacking though. Buffalo is another team with bad pass D, so that's the only reason I'm even considering Hartline.
  17. Hey everyone, I'm prepping for the first week of the playoffs and I could use some advice. I feel pretty good about my team but have been a mess picking a D. Tampa Bay is the best D (going by week 14 matchups) on the current wire. I was thinking about picking them up for Jacquizz but could use some advice. Even if I pick up Tampas D I'm not sure who I'd start. Below is my team so let me know what you think. Thanks! Tom Brady Frank Gore Doug Martin Vincent Jackson Demaryius Thomas Martellus Bennett Marshawn Lynch Chargers D/ST Jason Hanson Bench Steven Jackson Bench Jared Cook Bench Andrew Luck Bench Rams D/ST Bench Michael Bush Bench Jacquizz Rodgers Bench Josh Gordon
  18. Help Please: My Team: QB: Flacco RB: Gore WR: Demaryius Thomas Flex: Mikel Leshoure Flex: ? Flex: ? DEF: SEA K: HOU Need (2) for flex: Felix Jones RB @ PHI Isaac Redman RB vs KC Jeremy Kerley WR @ SEA Dez Bryant WR @ PHI Jason Witten TE @ PHI Steve Johnson WR @ NE 1 more: My Team: QB: Stafford RB: McGahee RB: Colston WR/RB: ? WR/RB: ? TE: ? K: Vinatieri DEF: Dallas Help me choose my TE & Two Flex Options: TE's: H Miller vs KC J Witten @ PHI WR/RB's: L. Moore vs ATL S. Johnson @ NE T. Young @ MIN F. Jones @ PHI R Mathews @ TB
  19. Hey guys, so I am in a 14 man non-PPR league and recently, people have been stashing up Defenses (there are only about 6 or 7 left to choose from) and I view this as the only weakness in my team really. There is NOBODY better than the Bills available on waivers and I am scared of some of the Lions matchups down the stretch that can prevent me winning the championship. Texans have a really nice fantasy playoff schedule (matchups of Colts in week 15 and Vikings in week 16) and are one of the best in the league. I probably won't be using Givens much with Amendola back now and want to trade him while his value is high. Should I trade Sproles and Givens for Texans D/ST and Rashad Jennings? Please consider my sig. It is standard scoring.
  20. Is Washington's defense that bad that I should start Freeman over Rivers?
  21. I'm sending Brandon Lloyd for Stevan Ridley here's my line up Qb Aaron Rodgers and Matt schaub Rb demarco Murray Ahmad Bradshaw Peyton Hillis Jonathan Stewart and rashar mendenhall Wr roddy white Eric decker desean Jackson Brandon Lloyd Alshon Jeffery TE Kyle Rudolph Owen Daniels K Jason Hanson Defense eagles
  22. http://tinypic.com/r/1zyj8l1/6 this is my team. i need another running back and my receiving core is WEAK. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY TRADE TIPS? there really isnt any starters off the f/a list to pick up so i would need to do some trades. any ideas?? desperate... my team was sooo good last year. i dont know what happened but somehow this is my team. help!
  23. Hello All! I'm new to this game, but it seems like I have already caught the bug. I'm already pretty obcessed with following players and thinking of potential trades before the season starts. But like anything I am new to, I need to learn how to do this and what is best, and I have had experince using forums like these to help me figure it all out. Teach a Man to Fish I guess. So Here are the details I assume you need. I can provide any other info if needed: My Roster: TONY ROMO (QB) MAURICE JONES DREW (RB) ROY HELU (RB) ANDRE JOHNSON (WR) AJ GREEN (WR) JARED COOK (TE) JORDY NELSON (FLEX) FALCONS (D/ST) MATT BRYANT (K) -----BENCH------ BEANIE WELLS (RB) ROBERT MECHAM (WR) SANTONIO HOLMES (WR) LANCE MOORE (WR) FELIX JONES (RB) LAGARETT BLOUT (RB) MATT FLYNN (QB) Its a 12 team league. I have a few trades proposed. Someone wants to trade my Beanie Wells for their Michael Vick, which I think is good. With this pending I have made an offer to pick up Greg Jennings for my Tony Romo if I decide the Wells/Vick trade is legit. Let me know your thoughts, I'm very willling to get addicted to this and get dedicated to get a good team ASAP.
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