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  1. In a 12 team PPR league and have a trade on the table that I'm not sold on. Team: QB: Cutler RB: Monte Ball, Joique Bell, Pierre Thomas, Jeremy Hill, Ronnie Hillman WR: Julio Jones, Michael Floyd, Terrance Williams, Cordarrelle Patterson, Justin Hunter, Kenny Britt TE: Dennis Pitta I was just offered Andre Ellington for Michael Floyd and Pierre Thomas. Any thoughts?
  2. This is a 10 team league with standard scoring: 4 points for passing TD, 4 points per 100 passing yards, no ppr. My team: QB: Peyton Manning RB1: Zac Stacy RB2: Ben Tate WR1: Calvin Johson WR2: Desean Jackson TE: Jason Witten Flex: Ryan Matthews D/ST: Broncos K: Mason Crosby Bench: Steven Jackson Michael Crabtree Wes Welker Carlos Hyde James Starks Benny Cunningham I am looking to trade for DeMarco Murray. I initially offered (to get the trade talks starting) SJax+Welker but he wasn't that thrilled with that option. What can I offer him (not necessarily man-for-man can be a 2-for-1) that is a solid trade. Thanks in advanced.
  3. 12 team standard scoring. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR Flex, 1 TE My team: QB- Stafford RB- Ball, Richardson, Ingram, Greene WR- Marshall, Sanders, Wallace, Watkins, S. Smith, Nicks TE- Thomas I've been offered Andre Johnson, Ridley, and West for Marshall and Wallace. I feel like that would leave me too thin at WR tho, so I think I'll reject it. I'm contemplating countering with Marshall for Johnson and Ridley. Should I just reject the offer and move on, or is my counter-offer worth trying? Thanks
  4. Hello guys, I play a 12 team Yahoo non-ppr Standard Keeper league (3 players) and I have one of the best rosters on the league right now. QB - Foles WR - Dez, Julio, Michael Floyd, Keenan Allen, Decker, K Wright, Jennings RB - Stacy, Gerhart, S-Jax, Pierce TE - J Thomas One guy is trying to trade Matt Ryan, should I go for it? I kept Foles because it was worth it, but Im not very strong on him right now and love the Matt + Julio duo. What would be a fair offer? Foles + some wr? Which one? The guy got QB - Stafford WR - Cobb, Edelman, Harvin, Wheaton, Mike Wallace, Lafell RB - Jennings, Murray, Sproles, Tre Mason
  5. New to fantasy football so bare with me. This is a 10 team league with standard scoring: 4 points for passing TD, 4 points per 100 passing yards, no ppr. My team: QB: Peyton Manning RB1: Zac Stacy RB2: Ben Tate WR1: Calvin Johson WR2: Desean Jackson TE: Jason Witten Flex: Ryan Matthews D/ST: Broncos K: Mason Crosby Bench: Steven Jackson Michael Crabtree Wes Welker Carlos Hyde James Starks Josh Gordon Opponents Team: QB: Matthew Stafford RB1: Matt Forte RB2: Giovanni Bernard WR1:Demariyus Thomas WR2:Percy Harvin TE: Zac Ertz Flex: Chris Johnson D/ST: 49ers K: Justin Tucker Bench: Shane Vereen Golden Tate Reggie Wayne Andy Dalton Andre Hopkins LeGarrette Blunt My opponent is interested in taking Manning to pair up with Thomas and I wouldn't mind doing the same with Stafford. I am interested in Matt Forte and Shane Vereen. He is willing to take a chance on Josh Gordon while he is in limbo and it the suspension is 8+ games I'd liked to get some value out of him (picked him up off the waiver shortly after draft). Would giving up Manning, Stacy, Gordon for Stafford, Forte, Vereen be worth it? Is there a better combination that I should offer?
  6. 10 team league, I would get RG3 and Kelvin Benjamin for M. Stafford My team: QB: Stafford, Palmer WR:B Marshall,P Garcon, M Colston,M Evans,E Sanders RB: J Charles,MJD, B Sankey, D Freeman TE: J Cameron His team: QB: Roethlisberger, RG3 WR: C Johnson, A Jeffery, R White, T William, K Benjamin RB: M Ball, T Gerhart, T West, TE:V Davis Thoughts? I might counter and ask for M Ball instead of Benjamin...
  7. Hey everyone, I have a bit of a problem with my WR's. I need a better option in my starting lineup, and was thinking trading my backup QB (RG3) and DeMarco Murray or Le'Veon Bell if need be. I was thinking someone like Julio Jones or another elite WR. Any tips or opinions? Im in a 10 team, standard league. My roster: QB: Andrew Luck RB: Le'Veon Bell RB: DeMarco Murray WR: Michael Crabtree WR: Andre Johnson TE: Jordan Reed W/R: Golden Tate K: Dan Bailey D: Rams Bench: Robert Griffin III Steven Jackson Khiry Robinson Marques Colston Brandin Cooks Zach Ertz
  8. So today I got offered Peyton manning for my first round #9 draft pick, which I immediately declined. The counter offer that was given to me was a 2nd and a 5th. Standard traditional league. Thoughts??
  9. I'm in a 12 man standard league and last year I traded a guy in my league a player in exchange for his 7th rounder and he received my 9th. He proposed a trade to me already - we could swap 1st rounders (I would move to 7 and he would move back to 12) in exchange for the return of our draft picks from last year. So he would get his 7th rounder back and I would get my 9th. Sounds fair to me, considering I get an earlier pick in the 1st at 7 and I also pick again at 13. I just don't get two 7th round picks... What do you guys think?
  10. 14 team, 0.5 ppr. We have to keep 3, but we can keep up to 4. If you keep a 4th you forfeit your 1st round draft pick. There are no additional penalties for keepers. I currently have Bowe, Gore, Calvin Johnson, Rice, Rivers and Vereen as possible keepers. I was offered either R. Bush or Foles plus B. Marshall for C. Johnson. Any thoughts? I don't feel like my keepers have a lot of depth and Foles/Bush plus Marshall would help, but obviously I loose Johnson. Depth is an issue with 14 teams. We start 1qb, 2rbs, 2wrs, flex, te....
  11. In my fantasy league, I received a trade for my first round, pick 3 for a late second round pick and a early third. If I accept this would give me one late second round pick but three picks in the third round, due to an earlier trade. What should I do? Also, I received a trade for my first round pick 3 for two picks in the late second round which would give me practically four picks in a row with 2 late picks in the second and 2 early picks in the third. Besides my above question, which trade offer would you take?
  12. Can anyone give me their opinion on whether or not to accept either of these trades that I received. Trade 1 I received a trade for my round 1, pick 3 for two second round picks, which would be picks 8 and 9 out of 10. This would give me two picks back to back in the secnd, and two picks in the third round (picks 2 and 3) due to an earlier trade. Trade 2 This trade is also for my round 1, pick 3 but it is for round 2 pick 5 (out of 10) and a round 3 pick 5. This would give me a round 2 pick 5, and three picks in the third round (picks 2, 3, 5) due to an earlier trade. I've been looking at this like I'm trading away Adrian Peterson because I know who the two people in front of me are taking. Which trade would you accept and why, or would not accept either of them and why?
  13. Trade deadline is coming up, so what's the better combo? Dalton/Bell or Foles/Vereen? My QB's: Dalton, Cutler My Flex: Le'veon Bell, Vereen, Nicks Foles has a good playoff schedule and seems to be locked in as a starter, but IDK about Vereen.
  14. Any help would be much appreciated...This is a PPR League. My Current Tight Ends: Gronk, Antonio Gates, Julius Thomas. My Current WRs: Eric Decker, Antonio Brown, Roddy White.
  15. Trying to decide if I should give up L. McCoy for K. Moreno and A. Jeffery. It sounds like a solid deal but McCoy is so valuable. Need feedback
  16. Trade: Drew Brees Trent Richardson Torrey Smith Acquire: Ben Rolisthisberger Andre Brown Brandon Marshall Right now my running backs in my PPR league are MJD, Giovanni Bernard, and Trent Richardson. It is my weakest position... do you guys think this trade is a good idea?
  17. 10 team league, standard scoring, non-ppr, start two QB's, two RB's, three WR's, one TE, one K & one DEF. My current starting RB's are Gore and Moreno. My bench RB's are CJ Spiller, Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen & Donald Brown. My starting TE is Greg Olsen. I've been offered a trade of Jordan Reed for CJ Spiller. We are all disapointed at Spiller this season, but we still know he is healthy he can finish strong and put up huge numbers. I know Reed is an upgrade over Olsen, but am I giving up too much in the potential of Spiller or am I simply hanging onto my first round pick hoping he pays off eventually?
  18. Got a call last night from one of the guys in my league saying he wants calvin johnson from me. He basically said I can have any two flex (WR/RB) that I want. My question is, should I take him up of that offer (and if so, who should I take), or just keep the beast for myself?. I should also mention Standard league, 6 teams (everyone is stacked because there is only 6 teams). Obviously I would have to drop an addition player if I took two of his, my guess would be McFadden? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! My Team: Russell Wilson Cam Newton Marshawn Lynch Reggie Bush Darren McFadden Stevan Ridley Calvin Johnson DeSean Jackson Larry Fitzgerald Roddy White Alshon Jeffery Jordan Reed His Team: Drew Brees Dez Bryant Victor Cruz Andre Johnson T.Y. Hilton Percy Harvin Keenan Allen LeSean McCoy Eddie Lacy Ben Tate Knowshon Moreno Andre Drown Jimmy Graham
  19. Given their remaining schedules and the possibility of Manning being banged up, would you trade Demaryius Thomas for Andre Johnson? Thanks.
  20. Hey guys. I'm starting to feel compelled to make a trade in order to secure a long playoff run. The league is 20 team PPR league. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 2 Flex (WR/RB/TE) along with a kicker and a team defense. My starting lineup is Dalton, Frank Gore, Pierre Garcon, Eric Decker, Martellus Bennett, Victor Cruz and my other flex was Arian Foster. With the news that Foster may need season ending surgery, I was like to make a push for another player(s) to make my team better for a long playoff push. My bench consists of Andrew Hawkins, Mario Manningham, Jay Cutler, Denard Robinson, Darrel Young, Jermaine Kearse, and Arian Foster. What trade should I propose or what package should I ship out to get someone else? I was thinking Cruz and Cutler for Matt Force? The guy doesn't have the strongest QB in Tannehill. Thanks for the help.
  21. Here is a trade proposed to me by our 1st Place team in my NFL.com league. I get: H Douglas, A Foster, D Heyward Bey, V Davis He Gets D Amendola, G Olsen, G Benard ====================================================================== MY TEAM B Rothlesburger K Moreno M Jones-Drew A Boldin K Wright G Olsen W/R M James K J Brown Cardinals Defense My Bench C Newton G Benard M Lynch D Amendola M Crabtreee 49ers Defense ==================================== HIS TEAM E Manning A Foster R Bush M Colston K Allen V Davis W Welker K M Prater DEF Saints His Bench T Brady J Charles S Ridley S Vereen H Douglas D Heyward-Bey ================================
  22. I have offered two trades to two different teams, and I am confident that at least one of these trades will be accepted, as both teams need tremendous help at rb.... *My team needs: WR2, TE Trade 1: I trade Mike James and Harry Douglas for Victor Cruz and Kendal Hunter Trade 2: I trade Mike James and Tim Wright for Vernon Davis and Percy Harvin I tend to think trade 2 is a much better deal but my only hesitation is percy harvin's health. When will he be ready to play? And regarding trade 1, the issue is whether victor cruz can produce solid numbers for the rest of the season. Would love to hear your thoughts?
  23. See team below. Trying to trade AP, and not getting any viable offers IMO. I have received these 2 offers thus far: AP for Alfred Morris AP for CJ Spiller I dont think either of these trades justify trading AP. Already went after Lacy and L Bell to not avail. Who do you think I should be targeting?
  24. Looking to build for next year after 5 game losing streak. Can keep 3 players each year EXCEPT our 1st round pick (mine was AP). Do you think this would be a good deal for next season, along with staying competitive this year? My current team is my signature.
  25. Offered Decker and Gordon for McCoy. Am I crazy that I think that is enough? Especially because the guy I am trying to trade with is very short handed at WR.
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