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  1. Greetings to the forum - We have a 12-team league that has been running for 30 years, with a mix of 10 veteran owners and 2 owners who have less than 3 seasons on the clipboard. Performance scoring, flex starting lineup QRXYWWKD where X can be R, T, or W, Y can be T or W, and there is no requirement for starting a TE. The full lineup is 14. We have used a modified keeper draft, where the first and third rounds are options to keep a player from the previous season or draft from unclaimed players. Keepers are declared prior to the start of the round, and the draft order favors the weakest teams every round, i.e. the super bowl winner drafts last in each round. I need advice. Keep Brees in round 1 or not? Ball and Bishop might be available; I draft last. For the last 3 years, I have competed strongly by keeping Brees in round 1 and a top WR in round 3. I did not have a stud RB during this run. Last year's RB stable was Moreno (dropped to 6th), Vereen (8th), and Joique Bell (9th). I have used the same strategy - keep Brees in round 1, go against the flow to defer RBs to late and land top WRs while the other owners were grabbing RBs. Last year WRs were Nelson (3rd-K), Antonio Brown (2nd), Victor Cruz (4th), and Josh Gordon (5th). Do I stay with the strategy or cut Brees and hope for the best for Ball or Bishop at the end of the round?
  2. First time Keeper league. Standard ESPN, non PPR, 14 teams. I have the 6th overall pick. Keep Forte (would cost a 1st round pick), or keep Luck (would cost a 5th round pick)
  3. Hey all, got a draft on deck for a Yahoo standard league (non-ppr). This league is a keeper in that one player is allowed to be kept from the previous season. I am new to the league so 6 players have already been taken. I will get the 7th draft pick and it is a 10 person league, so 3 more will pick after me in the first round who didn't keep anyone from last season. Anyways, I'm in a little bit of a dilemma as to who I should take with my initial first pick. Here are the rankings of who's available. 1. A. Peterson 2. M. Forte 3. E. Lacy 4. J. Graham 5. Demaryius Thomas 6. Dez Bryant 7. M. Lynch 8. A.J. Green 9. Demarco Murray 10. M. Ball 11. P. Manning 12. G. Bernard Anyways the format is that I won't have to keep my pick next year, but I draft lower for my first pick if I don't retain my pick. So if someone new is in the league and I give up my "keeper" I would likely get 9th or 10th pick next year. Anyways not sure who to take first overall. Based on what I've read I was thinking Graham or Demaryius for my first pick, but IDK. Any advice would be appreciated as to how I should go about this. My draft is tonight so nothing like some last minute help.
  4. How do you all think I did with my draft? QB-Cam Newton RB-AP, Montee Ball, WR- Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen TE-Jordan Reed D-Bengals K-Hauschka Bench Cutler Danny Woodhead, Bernard Pierce Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Josh Gordon Ladarius Green I know my bench is thin but i went for potential Any thoughts or advice?
  5. Hi there, I am running through a number of draft scenarios. Please help me on this one. 1. I am in 14 team league and drafting 5th 2. For our league, we need 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K and 1 Def 3. In our league, passing TDs are worth 6 and Ints are -2. You get 1 pt for every 25 yards passing. You get 6 pts for every Rushing/Receiving TD and 1 point for every 10 yard rushing / recieving Question: I keep coming to a scenario where Rodgers,Manning and Brees are gone. Who would you take and how would you rank the following QBs if you had to take one in the middle rounds? 1. Matt Stafford 2. RGIII 3. Tom Brady 4. Nick Foles 5. Matt Ryan Appreciate to hear any and all feedback for this dilemma.
  6. So today I got offered Peyton manning for my first round #9 draft pick, which I immediately declined. The counter offer that was given to me was a 2nd and a 5th. Standard traditional league. Thoughts??
  7. 12 Man PPR 2 PlayerKeeper League. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1K, 1D. I can take 2 players @ -2 rds from previous year. Last round if undrafted. I have second pick as well. A. Brown in the 4th round at pick #47 Giovanni Bernard in the 6th round at pick #71 Andre Ellington in the 15th round Josh Gordon in the 7th round at pick #76 I was thinking at 2 I kind of have to take McCoy/Charles leftover from the 1st overall pick, which forces me to take 3 WR/TE in rounds 2-4 if I keep both running backs. Josh Gordon is risky, but if he comes back for playoffs he could be a steal and allow me to get him in the 5th next year. Ellington in the 15th is amazing, but he is relatively unproven. And Brown isn't really that great but I added him here in case anyone thought that was good.
  8. Hey guys, Let me know what you think of what players you think I should keep.. Just took over a team for someone (assuming it was so honda) .. I can keep 6. This team is very thin but I do get the first pick! Julio Jones, Fitzgerald, Trent Richardson, Ryan Matthews, Chad Henne, Pierre Garcon, Steve Smith, Michael Vick, Jonathan Stewart, Danny Amendola, Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, Bilal Powell So far I'm thinking of taking Julio, Fitz, Trent, Ryan Matthew .. maybe Bradford not sure really they're all so meh haha Your thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mo
  9. I have the 5th pick in my 12 team keeper league. I am keeping Leveon Bell in the 3rd round & Antonio Brown in the 4th, in hopes that I will go either rb-wr or wr-rb rounds 1 and 2 (most likely rb-wr, and LB and AB would be my rb2 wr2 respectively). My pre-draft strategizing is working under the assumption that any order of AP, Jamal Charles, Lesean and Forte will go 1-4, and I would obviously pick any of those if they were to slide to 5. However I am somewhat at a loss as to what to do with my 5th pick. (Note: Eddie Lacy is being kept) As of now my thought process has led me to Marshawn, Arian, Demarco or Megatron but I'm not trying to be too cute with it. Marshawn scares me a little because of the holdout situation, his heavy workload and the thought of RBBC w/ Christine Michael, otherwise I'd peg him as the obvious pick. I like Calvin, but I feel that going rb with my first pick and wr with my second rounder would be more fruitful than winging it with a second round runner. Please help me with input or any other suggestions as to what I should do. Thanks!
  10. Can anyone give me their opinion on whether or not to accept either of these trades that I received. Trade 1 I received a trade for my round 1, pick 3 for two second round picks, which would be picks 8 and 9 out of 10. This would give me two picks back to back in the secnd, and two picks in the third round (picks 2 and 3) due to an earlier trade. Trade 2 This trade is also for my round 1, pick 3 but it is for round 2 pick 5 (out of 10) and a round 3 pick 5. This would give me a round 2 pick 5, and three picks in the third round (picks 2, 3, 5) due to an earlier trade. I've been looking at this like I'm trading away Adrian Peterson because I know who the two people in front of me are taking. Which trade would you accept and why, or would not accept either of them and why?
  11. I could use some advice for my upcoming draft. The league is a 12 team, .5 PPR league, where everyone can keep one player in the round that they were drafted in the previous year. This year we decided to expand the starting rosters to include a 3rd WR, without expanding the bench, which now has just five spots. So we have to start QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, WR/RB, TE, DEF, and K. While exact draft position is not decided yet, I am certain to have one of the first three draft slots. My question is, does it make sense to "reach" and take Calvin Johnson in the first round given we have to start 3 WR (with the potential of starting 4)? If I go RB in the first round, I know I will definitely have to go WR/WR on the wrap around, but I am worried I will miss out on all the Tier 1 and most Tier 2 WRs by that point if I dont grab one early. Anyone have any experience in a similar style league? On a side note, is there anyway to manipulate The Huddle draft kits based upon roster makeup? That would be a great tool to have. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi All, Having a difficult time deciding on who to take 1st overall in my PPR/PPC league. Snake draft and the top 2 (at least) QB's will be gone by the time I pick again at 20 and 21. Standard re-draft league. QB's get 1pt per completion, 1 per 25yrds, 4 per TD and -2 per INT. All other scoring is standard PPR format. Manning scored 856pts last year, Brees had 794 - next was Ryan at 678... Top 2 QB's in this league have historically been HUGE, but do I pass on the top RB or WR to grab Manning or Brees? Lineup: QB RB RB WR WR TE Flex D K
  13. Guys, Wondering if anyone has done this or knows how? So I have a Fantasy team and my bro is co-owner. We want to be able to: 1. Practice our draft strategy together by watching and taking part in the same mock drafts. So is it possible to be in the same mock draft client, so as owner and co-owner, you're both watching the same thing? 2. Do the real draft together by watching and taking part in the same live draft. So is it possible to be in the same live draft client, so as owner and co-owner, you're both watching the same thing? Thanks guys.
  14. 12-Team 1 Keeper (Matt Forte) Standard Scoring 15 Rounds 1QB/1RB/1WR/2 Flex/1TE 1) CJ2K 2) Fitzgerald 3) Brady 4) Vernon Davis 5) Antonio Brown 6) Mendenhall 7) DeSean Jackson 8) Kenbrell Thompkins 9) Greg Jennings 10) Carson Palmer 11) Broncos D 12) Vincent Brown 13) Alex Henery 14) Cordarrelle Patterson 15) Emmanuel Sanders
  15. TheGoat


    My question is how do you work in defensive players into your overall rank lists? I have a league where DL, LB and DB get as many point as any other positions. Case in point, Watt based on last years stats is a round 1 selection. Sacks are 3pts, solo's are 1 for starters. I'm just curious how you guys do it. Good luck to you all this year.
  16. I'm in a 12-man 1 keeper league. The top 8 RBs as I see it are already gone. I, myself, gave up Rodgers to keep Forte. My reasoning is because of my draft position (4th) and the fact that the RBs this year seem to fall off early. With my 4th pick do I consider a QB and possibly regain Rodgers/Manning or do I pass and take possible Chris Johnson/Steven Jackson/McCoy(longshot) and get my QB later? The scoring in my league is standard 4 point QB TD 25yds/1pt passing. Rushing is 6pt TD. 10yd/1pt. My draft is tomorrow on Labor Day. What say you?
  17. Alright everyone, I am starting a draft soon and would love any input. This is a live draft that I am unfortunately unable to attend so I am drafting from a remote location and have to conference in. The league is as follows: 12 teams, no ppr, 6 points for all TDs, everything else is standard. We start: QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB Flex, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DEF I am drafting in the 8th position and will be updating the thread as the draft progresses with questions I have. In the mock drafts I've done recently, Foster has fallen to me at 8 and I reluctantly took him there in one of the mocks. If, he falls to me in the 1st round is he worth the risk at 8?
  18. had last pick in the draft of course...thanks Tom Brady Philip Rivers Mikel Leshoure Stevan Ridley Alfred Morris Andre brown Steve Smith Mike Wallace Greg Little Kenbrell Thompkins Cordarrelle Patterson Greg Olsen Rob Gronkowski Sebastian Janikowski Pittsburgh Steelers
  19. Hey all, Well we had an interesting draft last night. This bonehead at the 12th spot took Brees and Graham for his first two picks. Bold move in itself, but it doesn't end there! He proceeds to take Peyton Manning and Tom Brady with his next two picks, which completely changed the draft. I had Luck or Romo pegged as my QB in round 7 or 8 depending on who still needed QB's and if there was anyone better available in round 7, but both Romo and Luck went in the 6th round. At this point everyone had at least 1 QB, so I waited to pull the trigger. It's a PPR league with the following positions; QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX(RB/WR/TE), K, DEF QB - 11.126 - Sam Bradford RB - 1.6 - Ray Rice RB or Bench - 2.19 - Chris Johnson RB or Flex 3.3 - Darren Sproles WR - 4.43 - Wes Welker WR - 5.54 - Mike Wallace WR - 7.78 - Lance Moore TE - 6.67 - Vernon Davis K - 15.174 - Matt Pratter DEF - 14.163 - Giants Flex, RB or Bench - 8.91 - Daryl Richardson Flex, WR or Bench - 9.102 - Kenbrelle Thompkins Flex, TE or Bench - 10.115 - Jordan Cameron Option at QB - 12.139 - Joe Flacco BN - 13.150 - Cordarelle Patterson Option at QB - 16.187 - Alex Smith The stars are lined up for Bradford to have a breakout year. Second year offense for the first time in his career and a boatload of new weapons. However, I needed backup in case he flunks. I took Flacco since I have Rice. I think it's going to go one of two ways in Baltimore. A. Flacco earns his paycheck (plus the Ravens D took a hit so they may be playing from behind this year). Result = Rice has his average year and Flacco puts up good numbers or B. He turns back to captain check-down. Result = Increased numbers for Rice and I don't play Flacco Smith has upside but he's only considered if Bradford and Flacco both bust. I like my options at RB and Flex. If Johnson has another letdown year, I can plug Sproles in that spot and move Richardson, Thompkins, or Cameron into the flex spot. WR's hurt.. Who knows how Welker's Chemistry will be with Manning and he's going to have to fight for receptions. Wallace has a lot of upside and Moore will put up good numbers. But it is admittedly weaker than I'd like. Love my TE's As far as DEF goes... does anyone else think the Detroit Defense is worth taking? I did some research into their losses and gains in the off-season and they seem to have improved on defense. However, everyone if ranking them low this year. Detroit or NYG?
  20. Greetings Ladies and Gents, I just found these forums this morning, and I'm glad I did. Good community going here. I'm struggling with a keeper dilemma. I'm in a 12-team, 1/2 PPR league, and my deadline to submit keepers is tonight. We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 2 RB/WR flex positions. I also have the 3rd pick in the draft, with 2 picks in the 1st round (3 & 9), but no picks in the 5th or 6th. I can only keep 3 players. My choices are: McFadden for a 4th J. Nelson for a 9th (I also have an extra 9th rnd pick) Amendola for a 10th D. Richardson for a 15th. Amendola and D. Richardson seem like locks based on value, so I'm down to McFadden vs. Nelson. Nelson seems like the better value, but because we can actually start 4 RBs each week, they're at even more of a premium. They both have injury concerns and probably about the same risk of underperforming. I'm leaning McFadden since RBs are scarce and WR is deeper. What say ye? Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long 1st post
  21. I am in a 10 man PPR league and we all have one keeper. This year my choices are as follows: AJ Green - 3rd Round Lynch - 4th Round Amendola - 17th Round Do I go for the potential if Amendola is healthy given I got him so late and could probably pick up Lynch or a similar back in the first anyways? Thanks.
  22. We just completed our draft last night, please tell me your thoughts on my team: 12 Team Non-Keeper League, .5 PPR Scoring - 1st Pick Starters: QB: RG3 (6th Round - Pick 72) RB1: Adrian Peterson (1st Round - Pick 1) RB2: DeMarco Murray (5th Round - Pick 49) WR1: Julio Jones (2nd Round - Pick 24) WR2: Demaryius Thomas (3rd Round - Pick 25) TE: Tony Gonzalez (7th Round - Pick 73) FLEX: Vincent Jackson (4th Round - Pick 48) K: Phil Dawson (15th Round - Pick 169) DEF: Baltimore (14th Round - Pick 168) Bench: WR: Stevie Johnson (8th Round - Pick 96) RB: Law-Firm (9th Round - Pick 97) QB: Eli Manning (10th Round - Pick 120) TE: Martellus Bennett (11th Round - Pick 121) WR: Rueben Randle (12th Round - Pick 144) RB: Ben Tate (13th Round - Pick 145) I know I'm a little weak at RB after Peterson, but I think I can make up for it with my WR's Thoughts?
  23. I am in a 14 team Keeper League - PPR. I will be keeping Lamar Miller and Kaepernick both as 14th round keepers. I have also positioned myself to have the 4th and 6th overall picks in the draft. I won't list all of the keepers, but take my word that everyone ranked ahead of the guys I'm asking about will be taken. I anticipate Foster and Lynch to be the first two RB's off the board. The guy in front of me will likely take either Chris Johnson or Matt Forte, so with the 4th pick I will take which ever one he doesn't. So after my 1st pick my team will look like this: QB Kaepernick RB Forte / Johnson RB L. Miller My question is with regard to my second 1st round pick (#6 overall). The guy in the 5 hole will likely go with a RB (MJD, Gore, Bush, DMC) as well because he's keeping Graham and AJ Green. I do NOT expect that he will take Le'Veon Bell who I like better than any of the guys above, but only slightly. So with that second pick, do I take LeVeon Bell to stack the RB's or take a top tier WR like Marshall or Dez Bryant. My next pick is not until #32, so the RB's will be thin by that point and I love Miller as a 14th round keeper, but he has a lot to prove as an RB1 or even RB2 for that matter. So all that said, is Bell a smart play there or do I roll the dice on RB later and grab the stud WR?
  24. Hey all, If anyone out there's looking for some help on draft day, go to the Excelville website and check out the Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013 spreadsheet. Don't be that guy in your league that spends 4 minutes sifting through a seemingly endless pile of papers before making a pick. Let this spreadsheet do all that work for you. It'll help you win all your friends' hard earned money and allow you to chug your beers at the end of the season with a trophy in your non-drinking hand. Or, for those who don't understand the concept of a "non-drinking hand", it'll allow you to have a trophy by your side at season's end. While everyone else in your league is getting flustered with who to pick, you'll be chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, thinking about maybe shooting some b-ball outside of the school because your draft spreadsheet will have already done that work for you. It is based off of your own personal player rankings and provides your top available picks each time it's your turn to pick. Additionally, it updates the results from ESPN's mock draft lobby to inform you of when players are being picked in an "average" draft. That way, you'll be aware of when you need to pick a certain player to avoid wasting too high of a pick or waiting too long and missing out. The spreadsheet's got too many features to list here, but suffice it to say that you will easily be the most prepared team in your league. To the victor go the spoils. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at FantasyDraftKit2013@yahoo.com. Enjoy and good luck!
  25. PPR scoring, QB's only get 1per25 yrds, and 4 per td QB - P. Rivers (7) C Palmer (14) RB - R. Rice (1) R. Bush (3) S. Ridley (6) D. Wilson (9) J. Rodgers (13) WR -A.J. Green (2) D. Bowe (4) P. Harvin (5) D. Hayward-Bey (10) K. Wright (12) TE - F. Davis (8) K. Rudolph (15) D/ST - Lions (11) K - M. Nugent (16) (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, TE, D/ST, K) This is my big money league. I know my qb's are suspect, but the league isnt very qb heavy. Jon Baldwin is still out there... and I've got my eye on him. But I dont wanna give anyone up. So what do ya think
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