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Found 14 results

  1. I am in a 10 team ppr keeper league (with return yards) where you can keep up to 4 players, the cost is you lose two spots above where they were drafted the year before, 22 total players drafted, if undrafted they are considered the year before's 17th pick to account for kickers, defensive players defenses, and our last pick of the draft dynasty rookie. Team consists of 1 QB, 1 OP(can be a QB), 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R, 2 Defensive players, 1 Def, 1 kicker, 9 Bench Here is what I am considering Nick Foles, undrafted so would be my 17th round pick Jordy Nelson, 8th round -------------------6th round pick TY Hilton, 17th round ---------------------15th round pick Giovanni Bernard, 6th --------------------- 4th round pick Percy Harvin, 21st ------------------------ 19th round pick Ben Tate 12th ------------------------------10th round pick Right now I am leaning towards Foles, Percy, Jordy and Gio. I would appreciate any input,
  2. Hey all, got a draft on deck for a Yahoo standard league (non-ppr). This league is a keeper in that one player is allowed to be kept from the previous season. I am new to the league so 6 players have already been taken. I will get the 7th draft pick and it is a 10 person league, so 3 more will pick after me in the first round who didn't keep anyone from last season. Anyways, I'm in a little bit of a dilemma as to who I should take with my initial first pick. Here are the rankings of who's available. 1. A. Peterson 2. M. Forte 3. E. Lacy 4. J. Graham 5. Demaryius Thomas 6. Dez Bryant 7. M. Lynch 8. A.J. Green 9. Demarco Murray 10. M. Ball 11. P. Manning 12. G. Bernard Anyways the format is that I won't have to keep my pick next year, but I draft lower for my first pick if I don't retain my pick. So if someone new is in the league and I give up my "keeper" I would likely get 9th or 10th pick next year. Anyways not sure who to take first overall. Based on what I've read I was thinking Graham or Demaryius for my first pick, but IDK. Any advice would be appreciated as to how I should go about this. My draft is tonight so nothing like some last minute help.
  3. I am in a 12 team keepers league and looking for some advice on what you guys would do for your first re-draft pick. In this league we keep 5 players (mine are not too good) it is a PPR league were we start 1 QB, 5 RB/WR (flex), 1 TE, 1 Def, 1 K. My keepers were Drew Brees, Jordy Nelson, Torrey Smith, Kendall Wright, and DeAndre Hopkins (hoping he pans out). Some of the top available players in the re-draft are: Vincent Jackson Cordarrelle Patterson Percy Harvin Julius Thomas and Ryan Mathews Would you pick one of these players (and who?) or go with the best rookie (Sammy Watkins)? I would say my personal top two picks would be between Patterson and Watkins. They are both very young but I am ok with that as my team is more in the bottom half of the league anyhow and needs to be building for a season or two down the road. Thanks for any of your thoughts on this.
  4. Its not complicated. 2 players 1 spot. D. Martin or A. Brown I have 11th pick in a 12 team keeper league. So chances are I won't see the player come back to me in the draft. Tried to trade them both to make it easy but people see me as a power house and are not willing to deal for anything but me giving them away. Im keeping a QB and a RB which happen to be Pman and Charles. This is a QB heavy ppr. So if I look at my team through 3 rounds (36 players kept) I could be QB RB RB then a no-brainer WR with my first pick. The other side QB RB WR then Im at best available. Being talent is about the same as RB and WR even out around the 4th and 5th rounds. By the way need help by 950pm(central) keepers due at 10pm. thanks to all
  5. 12 Man PPR 2 PlayerKeeper League. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1K, 1D. I can take 2 players @ -2 rds from previous year. Last round if undrafted. I have second pick as well. A. Brown in the 4th round at pick #47 Giovanni Bernard in the 6th round at pick #71 Andre Ellington in the 15th round Josh Gordon in the 7th round at pick #76 I was thinking at 2 I kind of have to take McCoy/Charles leftover from the 1st overall pick, which forces me to take 3 WR/TE in rounds 2-4 if I keep both running backs. Josh Gordon is risky, but if he comes back for playoffs he could be a steal and allow me to get him in the 5th next year. Ellington in the 15th is amazing, but he is relatively unproven. And Brown isn't really that great but I added him here in case anyone thought that was good.
  6. Keep one player in place where you drafted them the previous year. I’m considering Gronk or Nelson for the late round value. 10 team league. ½ point PPR. Starting Roster: 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1 WR/RB, 1DEF, 1K Best Available Jamaal Charles 1st round Drew Brees 3rd round Jordy Nelson 6th round Rob Gronkowski 7th round
  7. This is my first post in the huddle, so let me know if this question should be asked some place else. I just won the championship in my 14 team, 3 player keeper league. And already I'm starting to worry about my keepers. I'm in a standard scoring PPR league. And this season my WRs pretty much carried my team. Here is my team. This year's keepers are in red. QB - Foles, Cassel WR - Josh Gordon, Brandon Marshall, Pierre Garcon, Cecil Shorts RB - Doug Martin, Ryan Mathews, Maurice Jones-Drew, Rashad Jennings, Rashard Mendenhall TE - Delanie Walker, Garrett Graham K - Matt Bryant DEF - Cleveland Right now I'm leaning towards Josh Gordon, Brandon Marshall and Doug Martin. I don't see anything but more drop-off for Jones-Drew. I know a lot will change in the off-season, but if you had to choose now, which way would you go? 1. My choices above. 2. Go all receiver with Gordon, Marshall and Garcon. Figuring Martin won't return to form after his shoulder injury, and Mathews won't repeat this season's success. 3. Go RB heavy with Martin, Mathews and Gordon. Because you need a good RB base. 4. Some other combination. Thanks in advance, HBF
  8. This is a 4 player keeper league. WR & TE ppr. RB no ppr. I pick #8 overall. My team: Brees Foster B. Marshall A. Johnson Should I trade Foster and 1st rd pick (#8) for Forte and 1st rd pick (#1)? Or stay with what I have? Dez Bryant is best player available to draft and that is who I would grab. So I could end up with Brees Forte Marshall Bryant Johnson Otherwise I would probably get Amendola or Sproles at the 8 spot. Thanks for your input
  9. Only keep one player at the place where you drafted him the previous year. Mccoy in the 1st, MJD in the 2nd, SJax in the 3rd or Amendola in last round. Who should i keep? League is 12 teams, half point PPR Thanks!
  10. Only keep one player at the place where you drafted him the previous year. Mccoy in the 1st, MJD in the 2nd, SJax in the 3rd or Amendola in last round. Who should i keep? League is 12 teams, half point PPR Thanks!
  11. I am in a 12 team 5 keeper league... My WRs, we can start 3....Fitzgerald, Wallace, Antonio Brown, Britt, Floyd... I was offered Greg Jennings for Wallace Rodgers is my QB....do I make this trade or sit tight...I know Jennings is hurt and a bit older but the 2 Pitt wrs are driving me nuts....I felt I had to draft Brown cause I wasnt sure of Wallace.. We keep 5 players each year too
  12. We keep 3-5 players per season. 10 team league, ppr with standard scoring all TD's 6 points. I am keeping: Rodgers, Rice, J. Jones, J. Nelson, A. Brown I have D. Murray that I am planning on dropping. A trade has been proposed to me: Giving D. Murray and J. Jones Gettiing Shady McCoy. I thing the trade is lopsided in my favor (the guy really wants J. Jones, he has Ryan). Of course the commish has veto rights. Need some help on this one. What say you....I don't think that the trade will fly.
  13. Hey guys I need help with the upcoming draft for my league. I am in a 16 team keeper league. This is year 2 with 16 teams so A LOT of players are being kept. I have the 4th overall pick in the draft and I really would like to select a rb at this spot. However, the players left over from not being kept are few and far between. The players at rb I have to choose from at that spot is Trent Richardson & Steven Jackson. Those are the only two players I really have any faith in doing anything. My main problem with both are as follows. Trent is a rookie in a horrible division for a rookie to get the workload. Steven is a veteran with wayyyy too many miles on his legs. I need your help.Which player would you go for and why? Thanks so much for your time and consideration.Can't wait to hear from everyone.
  14. I am in a standard ESPN league and we are allowed to keep two players who should I keep RB- foster, forte, S Jackson WR - R. White, M. Wallace
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