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  1. Greetings to the forum - We have a 12-team league that has been running for 30 years, with a mix of 10 veteran owners and 2 owners who have less than 3 seasons on the clipboard. Performance scoring, flex starting lineup QRXYWWKD where X can be R, T, or W, Y can be T or W, and there is no requirement for starting a TE. The full lineup is 14. We have used a modified keeper draft, where the first and third rounds are options to keep a player from the previous season or draft from unclaimed players. Keepers are declared prior to the start of the round, and the draft order favors the weakest teams every round, i.e. the super bowl winner drafts last in each round. I need advice. Keep Brees in round 1 or not? Ball and Bishop might be available; I draft last. For the last 3 years, I have competed strongly by keeping Brees in round 1 and a top WR in round 3. I did not have a stud RB during this run. Last year's RB stable was Moreno (dropped to 6th), Vereen (8th), and Joique Bell (9th). I have used the same strategy - keep Brees in round 1, go against the flow to defer RBs to late and land top WRs while the other owners were grabbing RBs. Last year WRs were Nelson (3rd-K), Antonio Brown (2nd), Victor Cruz (4th), and Josh Gordon (5th). Do I stay with the strategy or cut Brees and hope for the best for Ball or Bishop at the end of the round?
  2. Hello guys, I play a 12 team Yahoo non-ppr Standard Keeper league (3 players) and I have one of the best rosters on the league right now. QB - Foles WR - Dez, Julio, Michael Floyd, Keenan Allen, Decker, K Wright, Jennings RB - Stacy, Gerhart, S-Jax, Pierce TE - J Thomas One guy is trying to trade Matt Ryan, should I go for it? I kept Foles because it was worth it, but Im not very strong on him right now and love the Matt + Julio duo. What would be a fair offer? Foles + some wr? Which one? The guy got QB - Stafford WR - Cobb, Edelman, Harvin, Wheaton, Mike Wallace, Lafell RB - Jennings, Murray, Sproles, Tre Mason
  3. We don't get a FLEX, but we can do 1-3 RBs or WRs (our choice: 1-3, 2-2, 3-1). Can't trade for draft picks or I would. My team won last year, so we get pick 12 in the draft. Not sure who to keep this year: Peyton Manning (QB/Den) Montee Ball (RB/Den) Chris Ivory (RB/NYJ) Marshawn Lynch (RB/Sea) DeMarco Murray (RB/Dal) Ray Rice (RB/Bal) Tavon Austin (WR/StL) Riley Cooper (WR/Phi) Michael Crabtree (WR/SF) Demaryius Thomas (WR/Den) Roddy White (WR/Atl) Jimmy Graham (TE/NO) Matt Prater (K/Den) Seattle D (D/Sea) Scoring is standard PPR with small twists (in Bold): Passing 4pts./TD, 1pt/25 yds, -2pts. /int, 2pts. /2-pt conversion, 1pt per 30-yds on a passing td Rushing: 1pt/10yds; 6pts/TD; 2pts/2-pt conversion; 1pt/20yds on a long rushing TD Receiving: 1PPR; 1pt./10yds.; 6pts/TD; 2pts/2-pt conversion; 1pt/20yds on a long rec TD K, D/ST, are standard, 6 points per TD, 2 pts. for turnovers, 1 pt. per sack, standard yardage for kickers, which I don't plan on keeping. I've got my thoughts, but I want to hear from you pros. This is a keeper league, and with Peyton aging (and in a PPR league) he's questionable. On the other hand, with Peyton aging, his teammates are just as questionable over the long haul! What do you think?
  4. Struggling on my keeper. I'm taking over for an old owner and my only decent options are Demarco Murray (giving up my 3rd rounder), and Julian Edleman (giving up my 12th rounder). I'm not keen on Edleman, but to give up a 12th round pick for a receiver who's generally going in the 6th round seems like a wise choice. He is the so-called #1 target for Brady, but I think we all know that there's no consistency with NE receivers. I believe I can get a decent replacement for Murray in the 3rd round. I also choose first and McCoy, Charles and Petterson will be available. So, i will already have one stud running back and can platoon the 2nd RB Thoughts? Starters: 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1DST 1K I hate the reserve restrictions in this particular league, but we MUST select: 2 QB 3 RB 4 WR 2 TE 2 DST 2 K and 2 more from any position
  5. I need to pick two keepers. I am in an Auction, keeper league with .5 points per reception and normal scoring for all other positions. The auction starts with $200 minus whatever keeper you pick. I am choosing between the following: Jimmy Graham at $39 Jamaal Charles at $51 Shane Vereen at $15 Doug Martin at $23 My first thought was to keep Graham and Martin for the simple reason they are the bell cows of their respective offenses and will get large amounts of touches. However, I have been thinking that spending $51 on Charles does limit my ability to get quality players later in the Auction....am I over thinking this or does anyone have a better combo?
  6. Hey Folks, Requesting some keeping advice here: I have my draft Monday night; 10 teams, $200 auction, and up to 3 keepers at the value below I can tell you that most of the top RBs will be kept (AP, Charles, Lacy, Martin included) Drew Brees - $45 Ben Tate - $2 Le'Veon Bell - $8 Julio Jones - $29 Colin Kaepernick - $15 Josh Gordon - $7 Ryan Matthews - $17 Blair Walsh - $1 Victor Cruz - $25 Greg Olsen - $6 I'm think about keeping 3 of the following 4 Bell (8) Tate (2) Jones (29) Kaepernick (15) I'm afriad for Bell due to his arrest, but I got him for a steal. I wish I knew if Gordon was out for the year because him at 7 was a deal as well. I'm not sure about Kaepernick because he may go cheap anyways with only 10 teams. Thanks in Advance!
  7. First time Keeper league. Standard ESPN, non PPR, 14 teams. I have the 6th overall pick. Keep Forte (would cost a 1st round pick), or keep Luck (would cost a 5th round pick)
  8. Help! I've wrestled with this and cannot make a decision between these three guys. League info: 10 team league QB RB RB RB/WR WR WR TE D K Also 2 points per 5 receptions and 2 points per 10 rushing attempts. Ok, I'm already keeping Calvin Johnson for sure and can choose between two of the following three players: Alshon Jeffery, Zac Stacy and Andre Ellington I will be able to keep these players at no penalty for the indefinite future. I have no idea who the other people in the league will keep. Thanks for your input.
  9. Standard scoring format. QB, 2 WR, 2RB, TE, W/R I give up the pick indicated if I keep a player. I can keep 3 of the 5 listed. RB L Bell (8) RB L McCoy (6) RB D Murray (12) RB R Jennings (15) WR K Allen (12) Thanks for the advice.
  10. 12 team keeper league, PPR, I pick 7th overall. I can keep two players and I lose the pick i keep them for. Start qb,wr,wr,rb,rb,TE,flex Adrian Peterson for a 1st rd Calvin Johnson for a 2nd rd Peyton manning for a 4th rd Or Andre Ellington for a 15th rd What two should I keep??
  11. 12-Team PPR League. We keep 1 player drafted in Rounds 1-10 and 1 drafted in Rounds 11-15. I am drafting 10th this year, and have NO 3rd Round pick (traded it for Calvin Johnson and Jason Witten and I finished 2nd last year :-)~ . For Rounds 11-15 - I am keeping Randall Cobb with my 15th Round Pick - yes, AWESOME VALUE! For Rounds 1-10, my complete Keeper choices are: - RB DeMarco Murray - Round 1 - WR Calvin Johnson - Round 1 - RB MJD - Round 2 - TE Jason Witten - Round 4 - RB Le'Veon Bell - Round 7 - WR Josh Gordon - Round 8 - WR Kennan Allen - Round 10 - RB Andre Ellington - Round 10 With Josh Gordon most likely suspended for at least HALF the season, my REAL Keeper decision is: - WR Calvin Johnson - Round 1 [He won't be there at #10 pick] - RB Le'Veon Bell - Round 7 - WR Kennan Allen - Round 10 I really want to keep Allen (Top 15 receiver for 10th Round), but Top 8 starting Full-Time RBs like Bell will most likely go in 1st or 2nd Round. If I keep WR Allen, then I will draft Top 5 RB / Elite QB (Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady) in Rounds 1 (10th pick) and 2 (15th Pick), then go BEST AVAILABLE Full-Time RB / WR / TE in Rounds 4 and 5. If I keep RB Bell, then I would draft Top 5 WR / Elite QB (Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady) in Rounds 1 (10th pick) and 2 (15th Pick), then go BEST AVAILABLE TE & Full-Time or Best Available RB in Rounds 4 or 5. So with that analysis - should I keep RB Bell (for 7th Round pick), or WR K. Allen (for 10th Round pick)???
  12. 12 Man PPR 2 PlayerKeeper League. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1K, 1D. I can take 2 players @ -2 rds from previous year. Last round if undrafted. I have second pick as well. A. Brown in the 4th round at pick #47 Giovanni Bernard in the 6th round at pick #71 Andre Ellington in the 15th round Josh Gordon in the 7th round at pick #76 I was thinking at 2 I kind of have to take McCoy/Charles leftover from the 1st overall pick, which forces me to take 3 WR/TE in rounds 2-4 if I keep both running backs. Josh Gordon is risky, but if he comes back for playoffs he could be a steal and allow me to get him in the 5th next year. Ellington in the 15th is amazing, but he is relatively unproven. And Brown isn't really that great but I added him here in case anyone thought that was good.
  13. Hey guys, I am in a 14 team 2 QB keeper league (2 year max per player). Should I keep Josh Gordon knowing that he is likely to get 8 games, or should I keep Jake Locker as my 3rd QB behind Rivers and Wilson, both who can't be kept next year. Really stuck on what to do with Gordon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hey guys, Let me know what you think of what players you think I should keep.. Just took over a team for someone (assuming it was so honda) .. I can keep 6. This team is very thin but I do get the first pick! Julio Jones, Fitzgerald, Trent Richardson, Ryan Matthews, Chad Henne, Pierre Garcon, Steve Smith, Michael Vick, Jonathan Stewart, Danny Amendola, Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, Bilal Powell So far I'm thinking of taking Julio, Fitz, Trent, Ryan Matthew .. maybe Bradford not sure really they're all so meh haha Your thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mo
  15. I won my league last year and an having trouble deciding on keepers. The league is a PPR league and we can have 3 keepers that count as last years ADP 1 round earlier. I am keeping Jamaal Charles round 1 and Giovanni Bernard Round 5 I am having tousle with WR I have Dez Bryant round 2 Percy Harvin round 12 Cordarrelle Paterson round 11 I have pick 10 (serpentine draft). Should I go with the proven talent of Dez Bryant or go for the up side and value of Harvin or Patterson
  16. In a non PPR keeper league I have the 3rd pick and am curious what people would think the best strategy is after a positive off-season for some keeper potential players. QB 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE & Flex Keep 3- Lacy- 2nd rd Ellington -16th rd E. Sanders- 9th J. Gordon- 8th (don't seem him playing at all this year but stranger things have happened ie. Ray Rice) C. Patterson- 10th The line of thought I've had is to keep Lacy, Ellington and Patterson but I'm curious to see if people have any other ideas with the 3rd pick. Thanks
  17. I have the 5th pick in my 12 team keeper league. I am keeping Leveon Bell in the 3rd round & Antonio Brown in the 4th, in hopes that I will go either rb-wr or wr-rb rounds 1 and 2 (most likely rb-wr, and LB and AB would be my rb2 wr2 respectively). My pre-draft strategizing is working under the assumption that any order of AP, Jamal Charles, Lesean and Forte will go 1-4, and I would obviously pick any of those if they were to slide to 5. However I am somewhat at a loss as to what to do with my 5th pick. (Note: Eddie Lacy is being kept) As of now my thought process has led me to Marshawn, Arian, Demarco or Megatron but I'm not trying to be too cute with it. Marshawn scares me a little because of the holdout situation, his heavy workload and the thought of RBBC w/ Christine Michael, otherwise I'd peg him as the obvious pick. I like Calvin, but I feel that going rb with my first pick and wr with my second rounder would be more fruitful than winging it with a second round runner. Please help me with input or any other suggestions as to what I should do. Thanks!
  18. $500 auction with two keepers at previous year's draft value + $10. Most top tier RB's are kept, so the ones in the draft go for a lot of money. The only RB1's available in last years draft were Foster and Rice, which both went for $128. Here are my options and what they would cost against my $500 budget: Lesean McCoy for $106 Dez Bryant $52 Le'Veon Bell $14 Forte $103 Julius Thomas $10 Harvin $10 Which Two? Wish I could keep them all for $295.
  19. I could use some advice for my upcoming draft. The league is a 12 team, .5 PPR league, where everyone can keep one player in the round that they were drafted in the previous year. This year we decided to expand the starting rosters to include a 3rd WR, without expanding the bench, which now has just five spots. So we have to start QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, WR/RB, TE, DEF, and K. While exact draft position is not decided yet, I am certain to have one of the first three draft slots. My question is, does it make sense to "reach" and take Calvin Johnson in the first round given we have to start 3 WR (with the potential of starting 4)? If I go RB in the first round, I know I will definitely have to go WR/WR on the wrap around, but I am worried I will miss out on all the Tier 1 and most Tier 2 WRs by that point if I dont grab one early. Anyone have any experience in a similar style league? On a side note, is there anyway to manipulate The Huddle draft kits based upon roster makeup? That would be a great tool to have. Thanks in advance.
  20. my keepers: Demaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery, Julio Jones, Alfred Morris, C.J. Spiller, Christine Michael, Julius Thomas. 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te. ppr. and all other scoring is standard, except 6 pts for qb tds. Was offered the 1st and 10th pick in our rookie/free agent draft and Toby Gerhart for Julio Jones. This is a Dyntasty league, we play with a salary, salary is what makes trades hard and the reason I have Jones on the block because he is very cheap. we do an auction draft first with all players not kept then a rookie/FA draft with all rookies and players not auctioned. with the picks, ideally I would go for Mike Evans with #1 and Hopefully someone like Kelvin Benjamin at 10 and Toby has potential to be a solid RB. i dont see any rookie rb having a great impact this year and in the future but convince me other wise. here are the available RBs in the auction: Le'Veon Bell Bishop Sankey Reggie Bush Chris Johnson Joique Bell Ben Tate Stevan Ridley Steven Jackson Knowshon Moreno Pierre Thomas Fred Jackson DeAngelo Williams Terrance West Khiry Robinson Devonta Freeman Lamar Miller I am torn on the decision. Julio is the best player in this scenario with enormous upside which is proven and Evans has potential to be a beast, I like Benjamin I think he will have a lot of TDs this year and also has potential (i know i might not get him with 10th pick) and Gerhart will be a nice RB to have along with the ones I already have. I am in no rush to trade Julio I was just shopping him around because I wanted to see some offers and I think this is good but I really like Julio. I know he is injury prone but he can be the #1 WR... Would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks!
  21. Keep one player in place where you drafted them the previous year. I’m considering Gronk or Nelson for the late round value. 10 team league. ½ point PPR. Starting Roster: 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1 WR/RB, 1DEF, 1K Best Available Jamaal Charles 1st round Drew Brees 3rd round Jordy Nelson 6th round Rob Gronkowski 7th round
  22. Ok here are my scenarios/teams/keepers: We do a auction salary league, players cost their avg (10 pts = $1), you can match the highest bid in the auction draft for a player that was on your team. We have $4 Franchise Tag (keep any player for $4) and a $6 mini cap. ($) RBs: Reggie Bush (1.8) Alfred Morris (1.7) Lamar Miller (.9) Donald Brown (1) Dennis Johnson (.3) Christine Michael (.2) WRs: Alshon Jeffery (1.5) Demaryius Thomas (1.5) Keenan Allen (1) Julio Jones (.5) Dwayne Bowe (.7) TEs: Julius Thomas (1) Charlies Clay (.9) Rob Housler (.3) Dennis Pitta (.2) Scenarios: 1: Alfred Morris or Reggie Bush Alshon Jeffery Demaryius Thomas Keenan Allen Lamar Miller Julio Jones Dennis Johnson (other .3 player) Dennis Pitta (other .2 player) 2: Reggie Bush Alfred Morris Alshon Jeffery Demaryius Thomas Julio Jones Dennis Johnson (other .3 player) Rob Housler (other .2 player) Christine Michael (other .2 player) I initially leaned towards Scenario 1 and plan to re sign Bush and Julius Thomas, feeling that Alfred Morris would fetch a higher auction price than Bush... Thanks!!! p.s. i lost in the championship... we tied 123-123 and lost our tiebreaker (head to head, total season points, season record) (lost all 3))
  23. 12 team league, std scoring, 1 ppr, all tds 6 pts. 3 keepers per team with various limits. I am picking 1.9, 2.4, etc. I am keeping 2 RB's, Monte Ball and Gio for picks 3.9 & 4.4. K. Allen would cost me my 12th pick or Andrew Luck would default to ADP a week before the draft. Allen is great value at 12 but locking up a possible top 10 QB for a 6th-8th rd pick( Estimating ADP ), is great value as well. Thoughts???
  24. Background: -10 man league -1 PPR standard scoring -No off-season trading -Starting Lineups: 1QB, 2RB's, 2WR's, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1DST -I won the league this past year (so I have to last pick in the draft -We are allowed 6 total keepers. The first 4 keepers the team must forfeit their first for pick. The 5th keeper they must forfeit picks 5 and 7. the 6th pick they must forfeit picks 6 and 8. If 6 players are kept a team wouldn't pick until round 9 and would have 2 less players at the end of the draft. My Current Roster: QB's: Aaron Rodgers Nick Foles RB's: DeMarco Murray Zac Stacy Ray Rice Trent Richardson Monte Ball Jordan Todman WR's: Dez Bryant Antonio Brown Alshon Jeffery Larry Fitzgerald's TE's: Jordan Cameron Jared Cook Dennis Pitta Rob Gronkowski As of right now I am thinking of keeping six players: A. Rodgers, D. Murray, Z. Stacy, D. Bryant, A. Brown, and A. Jeffery. This gives me a good starting point next season but I don't like the fact the I am losing out on 2 picks. Any thoughts?
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