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Found 12 results

  1. Trying to decide whether to play Garrett Graham or Delanie Walker this week. 50/50 PPR. Thoughts?
  2. Currently my lineup is QB: Stafford HB: Lynch and Charles WR: Andre and J Gord TE: J Thomas Flex: Decker D/st: Cheifs K: Prater Figured starting Decker this week would be good considering Welker will be out, so probably more targets his way. Same with Julius Thomas. Other Flex options: Desean Jackson, Chris Johnson, Fred Jackson, Jordy Nelson, and Jason Witten. DJax might be a good play too against Minny. CJ has been inconsistent all season, as has FJax. Jordy has a bad qb throwing to him again this week. Witten isn't as consistent as Thomas. Any matchups im missing that i could exploit better than Deckers? Keeping my other starters in. Andre playin against Indy when he racked up over 200 yds and 3 td, and J Gords been unstoppable. Help me out with this and I'll help you out with your question.
  3. 50/50 PPR - 1 point per reception Roddy White or Pierre Garcon? I have Roddy White in the lineup right now, but I feel like Garcon will get a lot of looks will Cousins. Roddy feels a lot safer of an option, but less of a TD threat. Who do you think should I start and why? Thanks!!!!
  4. Would you rather start Rice vs DET or Jackson vs WAS in a 50/50 PPR league? Unless some miraclous news on AP occurs, these are my options on my team. Only possible FA pickup would be James Starks, if Lacy doesnt go. Who do you like best and why? (BTW, I am leaning Jackson right now)
  5. Win and I'm in playoffs....PPR league QB Cam Newton RB Marshawn Lynch RB Jamal Charles WR DeShawn Jackson WR Wes Welker TE Julius Thomas Flex options (need one) Donald Brown Rashad Jennings J. Bell Colston G. Olsen Boykin
  6. I am considering a trade before our deadline tonight at midnight. I have Vereen and a Pat's fan is offering Stacy heads up. I'm already in playoffs, so this week doesn't matter, but I'm trying to decide if this helps me for the playoffs (wk 14-16). Who is better for the playoffs, Stacy or Vereen? Stacy's schedule (@AZ , NO, TB) is tougher, but role is better Vereen' schedule (CLE, @ MIA, @Balt) is better, but role is a little sketchy Who's better for the playoffs?
  7. With how inconsistent RG3 has been this season and especially recently, would you bench him and start Josh McCown this week vs MIN? (Hard to believe it has come to this for RG3)
  8. Round 1 (Semis) is starting this week. 2 wins gets me the championship in this league. My team is listed below. 6 pts for all TDs. 1 pt for 25 yards passing, 1 pt for 10 yards rush/rec, bonuses every 100 yards rec/rush and bonuses every 100 yards for passing starting at 300 yards. QB: Brees RB1: Lynch RB2: CJ2K WR1: Marshall WR2: Alexander WR3: Garcon TE: Olsen K: Hanson D: Green Bay Bench: Green-Ellis, Reggie Bush, Gronkowski, Jennings, Boldin, Maclin, Antonio Brown My biggest concerns with in my lineup are CJ2K, Garcon, and possibly my DEF. With CJ2K I'm debating Green-Ellis as he's been averaging over 10pts per game in his last 4 matchups in my league where CJ2K hasn't had a great game since before Tennessee's BYE week. Reggie's matchup against JAX also doesn't look too bad and he may be worthwhile, but I think if I sub anyone in for CJ2K it's gotta be the Law Firm. Garcon scares me only because of Griffin not playing. I could sub in Boldin who has been very hot lately. I tried using Jennings last week in the last week of the regular season. He didn't seem too sharp, and I can't see myself starting him @ CHI this weekend. Maclin also had a decent game, but with Foles at the helm who knows what might happen from week to week. Not a whole lot on the waiver wire for defenses. I could roll with either Oakland or KC, they play each other and both haven't been that impressive on offense lately. The Jets are also available @ Tennessee on Monday night. All help is appreciated and I will comment on yours as well.
  9. Our league started playoffs last week, but I got a bye. I need to a pick one RB from the list. Non-PPR. 2 pt bonus for 100+ yards. 1 pt/10 yards Rush and Rec: Vick Ballard, Ind @Det Knowshon Moreno, Den TB Jonathan Dwyer, Pit @Bal Also could help picking a QB 4 pts/TD, 2+ bonus for 300 yards. 1 pt /25 yards: Andrew Luck, Ind @Det Carson Palmer, Oak Cle Thanks!
  10. To start with, here's my lineup: QB: Luck RB: Doug Martin RB: Ray Rice WR; Julio Jones WR: Brian Hartline WR: Jordy Nelson TE: Scott Chandler FLEX: C.J. Spiller D/ST: Vikings D/ST Bench: Joe Flacco Bench: T.Y. Hilton Bench: Brandon LaFell Bench: Martellus Bennett Bench: Danny Amendola Bench: Jaquizz Rodgers Bench: Kevin Olgetree Bench: Andre Brown Bench: Pats D/ST Bench: Coby Fleener I'm 7-0-2 (but our league started two weeks late, so all teams have two ties) or undefeated. I'm guaranteed a spot in our playoffs (which start the 15th week and run until the 18th). So, I'm planning for the future, but not just the immediate future. This is also a first year dynasty franchise with a bunch of school buds. So it's important that I win this year's Superbowl, but not that important if it means trading rookies for retiring players to win. With that being said, I want to know your guy's opinion of: Ray Rice and David Thomas (really just Ray Rice) for Reggie Bush and the Chargers D/ST. I want Reggie Bush, but a healthy Reggie Bush. I also have a thing for Ray Rice; I've had him for all my fantasy leagues since he joined the NFL. I think that Reggie has a more favorable match up during the playoffs. Below I've listed my players match ups during the playoffs for your guy's convenience: Ray Rice - Denver Broncos (15), New York Giants (16) and Cincy Bengals (17) Reggie Bush - Jaguars (15), Buffalo Bills (16) and New England Patriots (17) Chargers D/ST - Carolina Panthers (15), New York Jets (16) and Oakland Raiders (17) First I'll clear the D/ST need. I've got the Minnesota D/ST playing the Rams week 15, but after that, they're expendable. I've also got the Patriots playing the Jaguars week 16, which I like, and the Miami Dolphins week 17. I feel rather unsure about the Patriots ability to keep Reggie in check that game and I fear Hartline will burst onto the scene once more. The Chargers on the other hand play a nonexistent Jets offense week 16 and the Oakland Raiders week 17, one of the worst run offenses this year and statistically skewed on the passing game due to their inability to preform on the ground. It's not an immediate need, but it would be nice to have nonetheless. The want to discard Ray Rice stems from this. Ray Rice will most likely be benched week 17 because the Ravens WILL clinch their division despite an off year in my opinion. That means I'll probably only have him against one of the better run defenses and linebacker cores (the guys who cover the running back), the Denver Broncos. That's week 15. Week 16, I've got a very favorable match up, maybe too favorable that they'll start putting in the 2nd string running back, because the New York Giants don't have a stingy defense by any means. Reggie Bush on the other hand is more of a risk, but during playoff season, has a huge roof of potential. The Jaguars actually have a pretty decent defense, but I can't see it being too tough for Reggie to handle. The Bills will prove to be a fantasy highlight for Reggie week 16 and week 17 against a rising Patriots defense will also be a minor setback, but there's more possible worth than Ray Rice right now. Oh, and second stringer defensive match up possibility for Reggie Bush here also, since the Patriots will undoubtedly clinch. It just looks better for Reggie on the basis of match ups. But here's the other stickler. I've got this team till all 16 members quit. This is a dynasty, franchise and next year, I want to do even better (undefeated and no ties due to late drafting). So, will Reggie Bush be fantasy relevant next year after the Dolphins have tried replacing the spot with Lamar Miller this year and Daniel Thomas last year. Seems to me that he is going to be pushed out. It's a young team and year-by-year they'll get better. Reggie is there to stay, but for how long [and only if he can stay healthy]. As I finish writing this, I'm even more towards declining this trade. I'll post it anyways to get an opinion.
  11. I play in a 10 team standard rules league 4pt throwing TDs/ 6pt rush/receive TD. Top 6 teams make playoffs and as it looks right now I definitely have one of the better teams. Obviously injuries could ruin my season starting this Sunday, however I don't think that will happen. Going forward what players should I target or try to move so I can have a more sound squad come playoffs. This is my team: QB - RG3, Phillip Rivers vRB - Arian Foster, MJD, Michael Bush, Mikel Leshoure, Vick Ballard WR - Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, Mike Wallace, Pierre Garcon, Malcolm Floyd TE - Tony Gonzalez K - Adam Vinatieri DEF - Falcons
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