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Dline holding & Unnecessary roughness


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I know they have to protect the QB and all but, in the Miami game that unnecessary roughness call, when the QB tripped over someone's head was comical. It was good for a laugh but where does this stuff end? The NFL is all about scoring points, it makes the game more exciting for the people that tune in to watch their team but, how do we get all these dline holding calls all of a sudden? I watched a couple of the replays and it's not like the dtackle took the guy to the ground to prevent him from getting to the second level. Even though keeping him from doing that is just what his job is supposed to be. It's getting to the point where there won't be a D on the field or they'll have to get permission to get in someone's way first. I happen to like defensive games but it looks as though the way the rules are being interpreted by the refs. that it may be a thing of the past. It gets worse every year.


Sorry if this was posted already but, I haven't seen anything about it yet.

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