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MJD or Barber


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I've got an offer to get Holt for MJD and Branch


I'm pondering. I'd like the upgrade of Holt. But MJD seems awefully steep.



I have Alexander, RBrown, McAllister, DeWilliams, MBarber remaining if I make the trade. (Big money, 8-team dynasty league, 4 RBs start)

WR are RMoss, SaMoss, Ward, Galloway, Djackson (Holt or Branch depending on trade) (5WR start)


As you see the WRs are older and can start dropping at any time.



Outside of my trade, the bigger question is :


How will MBarber be used under the new Dallas regime? Kid is a beast, but Jones seems to linger above him.



Also, is MJDrew the future? Can he evere beat out fragine fred?

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I would not give up MJD and Branch for Holt. that is to much IMO.


I am not as high on MJD as others but he still is capable of putting up a solid season whether taylor is Healthy or not.if Taylor gets hurt for a extended period of time Jones can possibly become a stud. then you give up Branch who is the number 1 WR on a team that can pass well and has a very favorable schedule for its WR's. then throw in the fact that Holt still has a lingering injury and I think this is a deal you MUST pass on.

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yea, ive been wanting to upgrade at WR. But the upgrade is potentially slight. I'd like to get max value for MJD if I have to trade him and this isn't it. I think he comes back to earth this year, but again could be a stud if Ftaylor would finally stay hurt lol

=problem is that GJones could take over the goalline and the OL is hurting as well.


We also have added cap years to the league, so I have to decide how long to keep a guy like MJD. While Holt would clearly be a 3yr guy. Alas, I won't likely do the deal, but I'll also likely be smacking myself in the head alot this season waiting for either MJD or BRanch to do something.

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We have altered the dynasty league a bit. It now has cap years that we will add in acouple weeks, so I'll have to decide the number of years on both players. I don't think any of the 3 players warrants more than 3 yrs in our system and the only guarantee for 3 yrs may be Holt.


Again, I won't likely do the trade.


I have sent back that I would do a Branch and RB (CBrown or KJones) if he wants. I have to cut both players anyway. He won't bite and it will be dead.

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