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Have next pick in rd 1 keeper league then 17th and 24th...opinions


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In a 10 man standard league no PPR QB's get 1/25yds and 4 on pass TD, Rush/Receiving 1/10yds 6pt TD


1.) Deal is we can keep 1 player from last year and draft in reverse order from last years finish. To make it fair for the teams that lost last year we draft the same order as the round 1 keeper then serpentine.

I had Tiki so I didn't keep anyone and I'm the last to pick in round 1 as everyone has already picked. (special thanks go to the 2 guys that kept QB's). Who do I take based on the following being taken?

Here is a list of the Round one Draft keepers and order as well as Round 2 order.

Round 3 will start the serpentine.


Round 1:

1- Joseph Addai

2- Sean Alexander

3- Peyton Manning

4- Drew Brees

5- Willie Parker

6-Steven Jackson

7- ME: ??? (take Rudi or Westbrook or other?)

8- L. Tomlinson

9- Larry Johnson

10- Frank Gore


Round 2: Same order as RD1

1-RB (probably who I didn't pick Rudi or Westbrook)

2-RB (probably Henry)

3-RB (probably Maroney)

4-RB (probably Mcgahee)

5-RB (probably Bush)

6-Rob (probably Brown or Benson maybe WR)

7-Me: ??? (RB or Steve Smith then RB at 24?)

8- (probably RB then WR on serpentine)

9-(probably RB then WR on serpentine)

10-(probably RB then WR on serpentine)


2.) If I take Rudi I'm thinking I take S. Smith at 17 then maybe another WR Holt Fitz Wayne at 24 on the way back up and grab RB in 4th

I'll put the rush at WR and end up with a serviceable RB at 37 then grab QB or another RB at 44.

If a top RB above Brown or Benson is still on I go RB/WR.


Comments suggestions on 1.) and 2.) and RDs 3 and 4 strategy based on unique draft order for first 2 RDs?

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That is a tough choice.Westbrook is a stud when he plays but is hurt so often it could hurt you since you might not take a back in rd 2.


I would do it like this .....if I planned on taking another back in round 2 I would go westbrook...if I did not plan on taking RB in round 2 I would go Rudi Johnson. my reasoning is Rudi has stayed healthy his whole career and if I was not gonna grab a back in the 2nd round I would like to know my main back is gonna be there. the opposite for Westbrook...if I knew I was gonna grab that 2nd back I would take Westbrook since he has the talent and offensive schemes to be a dominant fantasy asset and carry you to a championship.


I am trying to look through things through your eyes because we all value different players differently. for me I would go Travis Henry in the 1st(as he brings some of both players qualities to the table) and then look for another back in the 2nd but I understand I am higher on Henry than most.

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I like Henry alot as well.....


In a non-PPR I have Henry ahead of both Rudi and Westy...


I'd go Henry and then try to go WR and then another RB again because the talent pool may become completely depleted at that point...


although I do like the fact that Rudi will be more of a factor in the passing game....however Perry looks to be coming back into the fold again....


go Henry and unless Rudi/Westy are there in the 2nd :D ....I'd go WR and then try RB again...then go WR and then try someone like Peterson at RB ....

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