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Keeper League Drafting Strategy


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Here's the low down for this league. 10 teams, you keep 3, 4, or 5 players. If you keep more than 3, then you lose out on your first and/or second round picks. Fairly standard scoring, but 6 points for a TD pass, and we start 2QBs, so the QB's have a greater value than a totally standard league.

Once you own a player, you can keep him forever.


So I've got the first pick in Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4.


For keepers, I've got Peyton Manning, Travis Henry and TJ Hooooosh. I also had Boldin, but decided I only wanted to keep 3 players to keep that first pick for Adrian Peterson. I also figured there would be a good shot of getting Boldin back in Round 2 of the draft. I just got the keeper lists. Looks like the top available players are:


QB (8 were kept) - Kitna, Rivers, Leinart, Big Ben, Hasselbeck

RB (18 kept) - Peterson, Lynch, Thomas Jones, Brandon Jacobs

WR (14 kept) - Andre Johnson, Plaxico, Boldin, Coles, Santonio Holmes, Calvin Johnson

TE - only Gates was kept


So based on how many people everyone kept, the first round is only going to be 4 picks long. The second round will only be 5 picks long.


My thoughts were to take Peterson first. Then hope that Andre Johnson or Boldin is still there for my pick in the 2nd. That's possible. But if those two are gone, then one of the other runners is still there. and I'll take my RB3 at that point. Take my 2nd QB in Round 3.


Sound good? Should I take a QB under these conditions ahead of those guys in Round 2? Should I take Lynch or Jacobs ahead of Boldin in Round 2 if I have that choice?


Just looking for some opinions, thanks

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