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Best option drafting #1?


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Always take the best available player when you draft. If RB's are pretty even between who is available at your pick and who should be available when it comes back around then get on WR's. Let people jump on QB's early, after Manning 2 thru 8 or 9 are pretty even. Feel good about taking a QB in the 4th, 5th or 6th round, maybe even the 7th. Personally, I would likely go RB, RB, WR, WR, QB if a flex starter then maybe RB in the fifth round.


Your 2nd pick will be at 24 & then again at 25. Most people will go RB, RB and Manning will be gone, maybe Palmer and Brees. Likely 2 WR's are gone by 23. That means 19 RB's have been taken. Leaving you looking at maybe B. Jacobs, T. Jones, maybe Portis or such at 24. But since most teams have taken 2 RB's, you probably would want to load up on 2 stud WR's and take a RB with your 4th pick. But if Portis, Jones-Drew or James are there I would nab them, and then take a WR, likely TO, Harrison, Wayne, or Roy Williams will be available. WR's will go in a furry in the 3rd Round and 4th. By the time it's back to you no top tier WR's or 2nd tier are left. But you may still be able to get a decent RB2 in the 4th round. Guys who take 1,2, 3 at RB could hurt you, so you need to know tendencies of who you are drafting with.


Most people take QB's too early, and most take 2 RB's first, usually 3 or 4 out of 12 players will take QB's with one of their first 3 picks. I wouldn't if I was you unless Peyton is available with your 2nd pick, but at 24, there is no way he's there. Palmer, Brees, Brady and even Bulger are pretty even, and also McNabb, so no need to jump on a QB at 24 or 25. 48 and 49 picks should get you maybe a shot at Romo, don't know, but should have Young, Rivers, Leinert, Hasselbeck available, Kitna could fall to you at 48. Your roster doesn't look as flashy as other teams, because you don't have P. Manning, C. Palmer and such, but names don't win games, points do. QB's are more stable in points than any other position that matters.

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Well... the #1 pick is obvious... you take LT and then wait to see what happens with the other picks.


If a run of WRs starts too early then that is good for you.


I would take LT and then you get back to back picks right??


I would then go RB-RB-WR personally.


RBs are the anchor of a fantasy team... WRs are much deeper... in some cases #2 WRs are still #1 guys on fantasy teams (ie: Wayne, Housh). Plus there are always sleeper WRs that emerge during the season.


So... look to go RB-RB-WR.... then look at best available from there on out.


Good luck

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