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Listen, here is the thing. Byron Leftwich just has not improved since being drafted. It's not so much that he is immobile, a lot of NFL quarterbacks are. It's all about his delivery. SLOW. It gives DB's more time to know the pass is coming. He also cannot throw with touch, he just rockets every pass. Apparently he is unwilling or unable to change any of that. The fact that the Jags line is more of the mauling, road-grading type, just does not fit with Byron's immobility.


My problem is that Garrard hasn't made much progress either. He still wants to run WAY to much. The Jags don't have much speed at the WR postiion, just a bunch of tall guys, but he's got to throw it more.


Are the WR's bad? Are Williams and Jones busts? Or is it a coincidence that Del Rio and his coaching staff have not been able to develop a single offensive player in their tenure? And Jones-Drew doesn't count. MJD played like he did from the start, they didn't have to develop him. They change QB's. They change WR's. They change TE's. They change offensive linemen. The constant is the coaching. And it's not very good.


How will Quinn do? I have no idea. But I don't imagine much better than Lefty or Garrard.


I doubt the Leftwich move had anything to do with Quinn's play. I'd guess it's more likely to do with Byron's reaction to Garrard being named the starter. Why wouldn't the Jags keep him? He's in the last year of his contract, it's too late for the cap space to do anything for them, it just doesn't make sense to cut him unless he was really ticked off.

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