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Flex Pos. 2  

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  1. 1. Who to Start?

    • Drew Bennett
    • Warrick Dunn
    • Joe Horn
    • Arnaz Battle
    • Peerless Price

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I need help with my last flex position. My league is a PPR league, ie. (1 pt for reception, 1 for 10 yds, 6 for TD) My league starts two flex positions and here is my lineup as of now:


Jon Kitna

Larry Johnson

Cadillac Williams

Torry Holt

Roy Williams

Jason Witten

Robbie Gould

Bears Def.

Flex #1 Donald Driver (Contigent on being healthy?)

Flex # 2: Undecided

Here are all options, I may need two depending on Driver's health.

Warrick Dunn @ Min

Joe Horn @ Min

Drew Bennett vs. Carolina (Healthy?)

Bottom of List:

Peerless Price

Arnaz Battle

Roydell Williams

Vernand Morency



If Bennett is healthy I'm leaning towards him especially if Torry isn't 100%. As far as Horn or Dunn, I have no clue. Dunn started last season very well (132 yds in first game) and then trailed off so I might have a safer pick with him but on the other hand Min. def is a better run stopper than pass stopper and Horn could have the bigger breakout game especially with a TD but he could also do absolutely nothing, I think he is more risk/reward. Dunn will probably only get me 7-10 points whereas Horn could do 0-15. I see him at the top of most Atl WR depth charts but who knows on that team...I would really appreciate any insight anyone could give me. I've also put a poll up so please vote. Also if anyone has any hidden news on Drew Bennett's health I'd appreciate it. Thanks to all!

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When in doubt, use the RB.



Thanks for the info, honestly I would normally agree but being that Dunn is pretty untested this preseason plus spliting carries plus Minnesota's defense is great against the run but bad against the pass I'm leaning more towards Horn right now. I'm also thinking that Atlanta will be behind all game and will end up throwing more than running. I've ruled out Bennett because of his questionable injury status and my only other choice would be Arnaz which I sort of like because Arizona's pourous pass def. plus he'll get a lot of single coverage with Jackson and Davis running around. When it comes down to it with this level of players I could probably pull a name out of a hat. Anyways I still appreciate any insight anyone could give me that I haven't read yet. Thanks again to everyone.

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Does anyone have any idea judging from preseason if Roddy White or Joe Horn will be Joey's #1 guy or are they about even right now. I hate making these choices the first week I wish it was week 4 and this would be much easier. So far out of the group Horn and Battle are the two that haven't had any injury issues lately and I'm trying to find a safe pick to get me at least 10 FP. Note: this is a PPR league. Also last year with Vick, Dunn barely got any pass targets, does anyone think that will change more this year with Joey throwing and not running. If I though Warrick could catch 3-4 passes this game and get even 50 yards on the ground I'd be safe but last year he barely caught any balls (I had him last year too) which hurts in a PPR league because those points are super easy to get. Any expert advice out there would be great.

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Does anyone have any idea judging from preseason if Roddy White or Joe Horn will be Joey's #1 guy or are they about even right now.


In order to compile PPR, the WR actually has to catch the ball - something that White has been generally unable to do thus far ... so my guess is that Horn will be the "#1 WR" by default, at least as long as he can stay healthy.

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Thank you, that was my thought as well but I've heard that Roddy has improved a little in the preseason thus my raising the question. I'd like to get some more votes guys so please throw in your vote in the poll. I have to say I'm going against the public right now with Horn even though I only have like 5 people that have voted so far. Throw some votes my way, please!

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Does anyone think Dunn will get some catches now that Joey is in there and Vick is gone, I know last year Vick never targeted his RB's but this year could be different which would make Dunn much more valueable in my PPR league. If anyone has any training camp or coach's reports that indicate one way or the other I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the votes keep em coming.

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