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Waiver Wire Problem


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Hi guys, I'm in a very deep 16 person league. We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF, with just 4 bench spots.


I'm having a problem deciding what to do. Right now, 3 of my 4 bench spots are Jon Kitna (bye), Steven Jackson, and Ladell Betts. I only have one other bench spot left for either Javon Walker (bye) or Kenton Keith.


Obviously, dropping Walker is not a consideration. However, I'm wondering if I should keep Keith, put Walker in at WR and just take my zero points there. But Addai should be back after Indy's bye this week.


With it being such a deep league, the best WR options on the waiver wire are Samie Parker (who should start this week) and Keary Colbert. I'm worried that if I drop Keith for one of those WRs, someone will pick him up. This happened to me the other week with Selvin Young, who I was forced to drop because of injuries and bye weeks. So what should I do - Drop Keith and add one of the waiver wire WRs, or keep Keith and take a 0 at one of my WR spots for the week? Thanks.

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Thats a tough dilemna, however, I am not sure Keith is going to score anything of value for the rest of the season.


I would have taken the loss and kept Young in the previous week. This week, however, I would be more inclined to drop Keith.


However, none of the waiver wire prospects seem sexy to me.


Out of the two WR's you mentioned, Colbert seems like the better option based on stats so far, but whether you drop Keith really depends on your scoring system.


Are the 2 - 5 points you are likely to get for Colbert or Parker going to be the difference between winning and losing?


it also depends on your record. Are you going to miss out on a playoff spot if you lose this week?


Another thing to consider is this: is another of your oponents going to be forced to drop a big name player next week? If so, would you be better off losing this week to get a better waiver wire position next week?

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If I would've known about Henry's positive drug test, I would've kept Young too.


I'm currently 3-2, but my points for is a little weak and thus I'm in 8th out of 16 teams. 8 make the playoffs. The 2 to 5 projected points from one of those WRs could possibly make a difference - I've won a game by a single point already this season, and lost last week by 3 points. Waiver wire position isn't important to me - I'm middle of the pack, and it won't cost me position to pick up one of those guys this week. That's what makes this decision so tough.

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