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I need to make a change!


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Standard scoring 1ppr league. 2rb/2wr/1 flex


Branch gone, walker hurting, gore weak, jordan hurting, benson weak, smitty crying, foster weak, welker losing value etc.


What started out lovely is quickly turning sour, think I need to make a move, any strategies would be lovely.



Brady, Tom

Campbell, Jason



Foster, DeShaun

Gore, Frank

Benson, Cedric

Jordan, LaMont

Robinson, Michael



Branch, Deion

Smith, Steve

Welker, Wes

Jones, James

Porter, Jerry

Walker, Javon



Winslow, Kellen

Miller, Heath



Gostkowski, Stephen




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Any opinions?


I think youre screwed.


Besides Brady you really dont have anyone whose PRESENT value could help..


Dangle Brady to someone and try and get someone healthy so you can at least tread water til some of your guys get back on track?


You must have been so psyched a few weeks ago.....rough luck :D

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haha yea I'd agree, being a pats fan at least having brady salvages the pain of my team blowing up.


I'm still 3-2 and in first in my division due to my 3-0 start, I was thinking of trying to move smith for a #2 WR and a #2RB


anybody have any idea's of what Steve Smith's value may be?


As a Smith owner myself PatsPatsPats, same predicament on being able to foresee what will happen with him down the road these next games. He can't go silent forever, CAR has to find a way to get him the ball in any way shape or form. That being said, if CAR is content to go 3 and out and try to win games ugly, then Smith will plummet to the depths of mediocrity. I say it's a long season so don't give up on him just yet, but Carr is a nitemare back there at QB and I just can't see SS putting up monster numbers again unfortunately. I'm just praying he'll get back to decency, 80-90 yds and a TD per game. If trend continues where he only catches 3-4 balls per game in junk time for 50-60 yds then all us owners are toast :D

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wow, thats a wing and a prayer my friend!


i'd sit tight this week...unless you know of another owner who is hurting/gullable

and you could make a trade involving Walker and Benson for someone like a Jacobs

who is in a RBBC but will eventualy be the #1....tuff call


i'd keep SS, its not his fault imo....the Panthers will soon wake up and realize

they NEED to get him the ball and they will...72 yd and a TD avg is good, just not SS we'r used to.


this week i'd go, Brady, Foster, (Jordan) you may be forced into Benson home against Minny, SS and Welker.


if Welker shines this week then offer him as trade, because you and i both know (being homers) that

he isnt going to put up big every week....good #2 at best....i'l probably move him after this week.


good luck man...

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