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good ole unions


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+2. Unpaid leave would bankrupt most people quickly. The issue in this thread isn't the paid leave so much as the years and years of it.


Exactly...I can't imagine why due process would take so long. I would think you'd want to get testimony from those involved as quickly as possible so as to get the most accurate version of the event (and if necessary evaluate those giving it in their current psychological/emotional state).


I imagine the version of events can potentially change significantly over the years.

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I can tell you that around here if there is no doubt in the districts mind that you are guilty, you will be terminated quickly.


unless your union contract states that you can't be terminated without a hearing. which brings us back to the real issue here. when I said people should go on unpaid leave, I wasn't suggesting this should happen at the mere whiff of accusation without any corroborating evidence. obviously, there's an initial phase of investigation where a complaint (or several complaints) comes in, they are looked into by the principal or whoever at the school, and then the decision is made to pull them out of the classrom. I am saying that AT THAT POINT, when the decision is made that there is enough smoke there that you cannot leave them in the classroom doing their job, THAT is the point at which they should be placed on unpaid leave. perhaps they could collect unemployment in the meantime. they would certainly be free to find other work. and then if they are vindicated at a hearing, the appropriate amount of back wages the school district had to pay could go back into the unemployment pool. there are plenty of ways of doing it without 1) forcing innocent people into bankruptcy, or 2) paying dirtbags and perverts a full wage for months into years to sit in an empty room doing nothing.

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