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Boldin, Jones or Royal

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Here I go. I will list the rules but here is the question. Who should I keep and at what price. I am trying to package Jones plus Royal or Boldin for a top RB since I can only keep two at each spot. If I get this trade I will drop Warner. If not I will keep (Warne, Westbrook,Moss,Boldin Stewart)


Warner K

J. Stewart(Taxi squad)

Westbrook K

Jones K

Boldin K

Moss K

Royal FA

Clark TE 3rd dx

Hardy 7th dx

Beason 6th dx

Balt D 5th dx

Peppers 15th dx

Houston D 16th dx


The New Keeper/Cutdown Rules

I have updated the status for all players in the Drafted Column on the roster display:

- K (keeper from last season)

- FA (a free agent claim during last season)

- Dx (where D indicates the player was drafted and x indicates the round he was drafted in)


This status will help designate how a player can be treated in regards to the cutdown this year.


1. Each team will designate 4 FRANCHISE players from their 2008 roster to be protected - penalty free !! All players are eligible.


2. Players on the TAXI SQUAD are automatically protected and DO NOT count toward the FRANCHISE limit.


3. In addition, each team also have the choice of keeping as many other players from their roster as they like, however, for each player protected - they would forfeit a draft pick in this years draft equal to 1 round higher than they were originally drafted (ie. a player chosen in the 7th rd last season would be protectable and the cost of a 2009 6th RD pick). For each additional season the player is kept, the draft pick forfeited would decrease by 1 RD each season until a #1 was reached.


4. Once a player reaches the status of forfeiting a #1 pick, he can ONLY be FRANCHISED the following season.


5. Players noted as FRANCHISE or D1 draft choices are ONLY allowed to be chosen as FRANCHISE the following season. Therefore, as an example - each team this season would have it's 5 keepers plus a 2008 1st RD pick to potentially choose 4 FRANCHISE players from for 2009. That means potentially 2 out of the 6 best players on each team may become draftable.


6. Any free agents acquired during the season are only eligible to be FRANCHISE players if they are protected.


7. Traded players would retain their draft status from the team that drafted them.


8. If you trade a draft pick for the following season, then that RD is ineligible to be forfeited the following season.


9. No more than 2 players may be FRANCHISED from the same position. This is DOES NOT include taxi squad players or additional players protected at the expense of a draft choice.


Now that everything is clear as mud, carefully review your roster and start making deals. You have about 7 weeks before your rosters will be cutdown. Happy trading !!!

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