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HELP! Drew Brees Trade


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I need trade help in a head-to-head league. We do not get PPR.



qb- matt cassel

wr- santana moss

wr - bernard berrian

wr- deion branch

rb - matt forte

rb - marion barber

te - antonio gates

w/r - kevin smith



rb - rickey williams

wr - mark bradley

rb - andre brown

te - tony scheffler

wr - kenny britt

qb - mark bulger


k - kris brown

def - philadelphia

def - green bay



qb - drew brees

wr - terrell owens

wr - donald driver

wr - ted ginn

rb - jonathan stewart

rb - chris wells

te - john carlson

w/r - felix jones



qb - tom brady

wr - michael clayton

wr - mark clayton

wr - brian robiskie

rb - ladell betts

rb - lawrence maroney

te - chase coffman


k - nick folk

def - carolina



Originally both teams agreed to a trade of Drew Brees for Barber, Kevin Smith, and Bulger. The league vetoed that trade however (go figure).


The new offer is:


TEAM A gets:Drew Brees and Felix Jones

TEAM B gets: Kevin Smith and Marion Barber


Is this a fair trade?

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I think they might veto it again because the guy getting Brees will have to start Felix Jones and Ricky Williams every week after the trade...OUCH! The rest of the league is obviously trying to protect a novice manager. I think the only way you dump Brees is by getting Barber and Santana. You might need to shop Brees to a slightly stronger Team.


Edited: Oh I just assumed you were TEAM B :wacko: If you're TEAM A I would pass on the deal where I lose my Rbs. If you're team B you can try K.Smith and Barber but be prepared to try Barber and Santana. Good Luck.

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Thanks for the input....Actually you were correct, I am Team B... and a bit of a novice myself. I see how trading Brees for both RBs leaves team A a bit shorthanded.. I like the idea of Moss and Barber for Brees and Jones though, so I might just try going that avenue.


There is a team that needs a QB:

QBs - Hasslebeck, Quinn

RBs - Jones-Drew, Larry Johnson, Sammy Morris, Jamaal Charles

WRs - Reggie Wayne, Antionio Bryant, D. Bowe, J.Cotchery, kevin curtis, steve smith (NYG)

TE - owen daniels, celek

K - akers, gould

D - tenn


I could see working a trade with them, maybe for bowe and someone else. any thoughts?

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It depends on scoring but if team A has to start Felix and Ricky every week they would likely be the punching bag of the league in a standard scoring system. In a scoring system where Qbs get .5/completion then the league might have not vetoed the deal. No one wants to play a team that can't really compete week to week.

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It is standard Yahoo fantasy scoring, 14-teams, no PPR. This trade was definitely not collusion, I originally offered Brees, Carlson and Felix Jones for Gates, Kevin Smith and Bulger. The owner didn't want to get rid of Gates and sent me a counter-offer of Barber, Smith and Bulger for Brees. Even though I felt the other owner was giving up a lot, I still jumped on it.


So now I'm back to square one. I think I'll try the Moss/Barber suggestion Asskickas suggested.

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I offered Brees and Mark Clayton for Barber and Moss, which the other owner accepted... I will let you know if the league vetoes this one.



- This one was not shot down and finally went through - thanks for all the help! -

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