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Draft Startegies...Thoughts


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Saw this on ESPN Thought it was interesting


We looked at the past seven drafts and broke down the average fantasy production of each position by rank. So if you want to know how many points you can expect from a top-five running back (242!) or a wide receiver ranked 16 to 20 (144!), this chart is your hookup:


Average fantasy production


Early-round running backs are definitely top scorers, but the dropoff is faster among receivers.

Pos. 1-5 6-10 11-15 16 -20

RBs 242 226 188 172

WRs 209 179 158 144

QBs 288 246 216 184


Based on the numbers in Nifty Chart I, the team that opens WR-WR then goes QB-RB-RB can expect the most points. The team that opens RB-RB then goes WR-WR-QB can expect the fewest.

Round Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4

1 WR 209 RB 226 RB 226 RB 226

2 WR 209 WR 209 WR 209 RB 188

3 QB 288 QB 288 WR 179 WR 179

4 RB 188 RB 188 RB 188 WR 158

5 RB 172 WR 144 QB 246 QB 246

1066 1055 1048 997 Expected Totals



Link; http://sports.espn.go.com/fantasy/football...k9firsttwopicks

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the chart is flawed....the top 5 RBs are not always going to be the top 5 drafted in that exact order...same goes for WRs etc

now if you can identify who will rank were prior to the draft you will be on to something....otherwise it really isnt anything more than an average of points scored ...unless I am reading it wrong

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