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Take P.Thomas?


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I am in a 12 team league with a maximum of 4 keepers. If you keep any less than 4, you receive compensation picks before the draft of any players not taken...including rookies. I only kept 3 and I have the second of 2 comp picks.


Scoring is 6 pts for all pass/rush/rec TDs, I pt for 10 yards rush/rec, 1 pt PPR.


Starting Lineup is 1 QB, 1RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex RB/WR, 1 TE


My 3 keepers are:

RB- C. Johnson

RB- Westbrook

WR- Jennings


I have traded a little bit this offseason and already have some extra picks. There are 14 picks in the 1st round. I have picks:







3.9 and so on. The 9th pick in every round.


Best Available:


RB- P. Thomas

RB- Moreno

RB- T. Jones

WR- Marshall

TE- Witten

TE- Gates

QB- Rivers

QB- Warner


I am pretty sure the first pick is going to be either Marshall or Thomas. I already have trades accepted in principal to trade my comp pick for players already kept. I have been offered Welker for the pick, and I have been offered Colston for the pick. If Thomas is picked first, it is a no brainer for me to make one of these trades.


Which receiver should i take? And I have been debating on doing the trade even if Thomas is available. Is this dumb? Maybe 6 games at the end of last season just wasn't enough proof that Pierre is going to be as big as everyone thinks he is.


That was way harder to spit out than I thought.

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I can also start 4 WR in this league and I only have 1. I will not be able to land both. If for some reason Thomas doesn't go #1 then he would go 2 to me or whoever I trade with and Moreno 3. Is Welker or Colston a better option for my team than Moreno? and if yes, which one?

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What are the top 7-10 other RBs and WRs available in the draft?


Wes Welker's ADP is around 30 so giving up the 1.2 in 48 keeper league is good ADP value.

However it seems that the point of entering the compensation draft would be to get your hands on a juicy rookie than you can keep for years to come.


Rookie RBs have more value in keeper leagues like this. If you think Moreno is going to be a stud supreme that's what that 1.2 is for, if you are not thinking the guy is a bad arse bucking bulldog and you're treating the compensation draft as just another pick then that Welker deal is looking pretty good.

You also might be able to do better if ithere is an owner that believes Moreno is going to be a certified stud for years to come.

If Moreno does end up being the next Clinton Portis you're going to kick yourself for trading him for Welker in a couple of years.


Knowing whats likely to be there at your 1.7 would help make a better decision.

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L. White





All other rookie RB I would like to land Donald Brown later














Way more RB's left of substance for me to get with my other picks

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