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to Brees or not to Brees - keeper dilemma


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Updated info based on changes in team’s keepers. 12 team 2 keeper league. Scoring at end of post. Up to 16 RBs, 9 WRs, and 2 QB are being kept (rookies can be kept as a 3rd keeper if they stay on roster the whole season).


I draft in the 12 spot. My keeper options are Brees, Gore, and Steve Smith.


EDIT: I also have Colston as an option. I can swap him with Smith or keep both smith and colston


My gut says keep Brees and Gore due to the number of RBs being kept. If I keep Smith then I’m drafting my RB1 in the group of Pierre Thomas, Grant, Thomas Jones, Addai. However due to the number of RBs already off the board there will be a long run on WRs in the first. If I keep Gore then my WR1 is going to be Ochocinco, Roy Williams, maybe TO if he slips (but doubt it). I did a couple mocks and here’s the results. With 2 keepers our first is really the 3rd round


Keeping Brees and Gore

3. Grant

4. Ochocinco (maybe TO)

5. Walter

6. Olsen

7. Breaston


Keeping Brees and Smith

3. Grant

4. Pierre Thomas

5. Walter

6. Olsen

7. Hester


Keeping Gore and Smith (or Colston)

3. Grant

4. Ochocinco (maybe TO)

5. Moore

6. McNabb

7. Shiancoe



Even though Brees is more valuable than McNabb I think keeping Gore and Smith gives me the best overall starters, though Brees is consistent enough to overcome either of the first 2 options. I am riding the fence on this and really trying to reason out not keeping Brees but I’m having a hard time not keeping the top QB. 1 pt per 5 completion is hard to pass up

Now that I have thrown Colston into the mix I think it could be Gore/Colston or Colston/Smith


Appreciate your thoughts on this. I have to decide by this Friday night.


Scoring rules


1pt per 5 completion

4pt per TD

-2 per INT

1pt per 50yd passing

3pt bonus @300yds

2pt bonus @400yds



1pt per 2 receptions

1pt per 20yd rushing

1pt per 20yd receiving

0.5pt/20yd IKR/IPR

2pt bonus @100 rushing

3pt bonus @150 rushing

2pt bonus @200 rushing

3pt bonus @150 receiving

2pt bonus @200 receiving


Start 1 QB,2 RB,3 WR,and 1 TE,K,DEF

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yeah I know...I would have to try to trade up to the 2nd or 4th spot to get him though. I have targeted Brees going to one of those teams due to their current keepers and what's available. no way he drops to me at 12. I am going to target McNabb, Warner, Rivers in the 3rd/4th rd unless there's still good value at RB/WR for my RB3 or WR3. Dropoff may not be that bad if I can get one of those. If I can't then I'm going late and taking a flier on Hasselbeck.

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