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Finally renewed with The Huddle

Men In Tights

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I just finished reading the Players to Avoid List by Kevin Ratterree and read the comments and just don't understand why he infuriates people.


Anyway, to my point, I renewed with The Huddle this year because I love reading Kevin and Paul Sandy. Obviously, it is the best fantasy football website available, but I really enjoy reading anything Kevin and Paul write. Don't ever let them get away DMD & WW. :wacko:


Can't wait for a new season of 6-packs.


Keep up the great work Paul and Kevin.

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I was about ready to make the same exact post. Finally got off my @ss and renewed to take a look at the site for the first time.


The MyHuddle feature is slick, and the draft kit is amazingly good.


Love the look this year, very streamlined from years past and you've got some great talent. Just watch your typos! :wacko:

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