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Just finished draft went WR WR. What do you guys think?


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Just finished draft. I know most of you guys are against going WR WR but that is what I did. What do you think I am happy.

Basic scoring, No PPR

1.6 fitzgerald 1st WR taken

2.6 Jennings 6th reciever taken

3.6 Kevin Smith just missed P. thomas

4.6 Addai best RB left- t. jones mcfadden drafted before

5.6 Kurt Warner- didn't want to fraft Qb that early- by far best available player

6.6 L. Johnson- RB with upside

7.6 C. benson-

8.6 D. Brown- Addai handcuff

9.6 D. driver- wanted a better 3 WR- best that was left

10.6 J.Carlson- 11th TE off board

11.6 Justin Gage

12.6 Chris Henry- Sleeper

13.6 Trent Ewards- Sleeper QB2

14.6 Glen Coffee- Sleeper

15.6 Cosby- top five kicker

16.6 New Orleans Defense-opens up with Detriot- starting all of my teams with them

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don't like it at all. with no PPR you need to get strong RBs that score TDs to have a shot to win. except for the indy combo, all your RBs are from weak offenses. and since it looks like indy will go with some form of RBBC, you only get 1/2 a player by starting either addai or brown. i like the WR/WR move in a PPR from the later rounds (10 or higher), but not from the 6 spot. i think you will have a very hard time competing this year.

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