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I have the #2 pick in a 12 team rookie keeper league and the #4th in a 10 team non-keeper. In the keeper league Forte is off the table so my #2 pick is between MJD and Turner. I'm being told by owners in the league I pick 2 in the AP is being taken first and in the league I draft 4th I know he's gone before me regardless. That leaves my ultimate decision down to MJD, Turner and Forte. Turner scares me because of the "carry curse", coming off a year over 370 carries that for some reason no one rebounds from(as I've been reading it doesn't seem to bother many others). I like Forte but just can't seem to find a non-ppr reason to move him ahead of MJD.


As of know I have them:





Thinking in one league I get MJD in the other Turner. Any reason to consider a different order? What have you all come up with on these three? And let me know if you pick 1-4 in your league as you are looking at this differently than someone would who picks 7-10.

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wait, did you mention if it was ppr or not?


in any case, id rank them like this, ppr or not:





consider this: turner scored half of his fantasy points last year against weak defenses. this year he has one of the toughest schedules, if not THE toughest schedule for a RB. and also, the 370 carries thing.

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