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Trade Help: Really Bad Decision Maker


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My friend I guess really has his eye out for Steve Smith, so he offered me a trade where I would receive Nate Burleson, Thomas Jones, and Lance Moore, while I give up Steve Smith and Joseph Addai. I really have no clue how to go about this, so I am asking for opinions from you guys. I need this answered ASAP, so please respond.


My Team:


QB Tony Romo

WR Steve Smith

WR Santana Moss

RB DeAngelo Williams

RB Joseph Addai

TE Owen Daniels

W/R Derrick Ward

BN Torry Holt

BN David Garrard

BN Maurice Morris

BN Kerry Collins

K David Akers

BN Mason Crosby

DEF Tennessee

BN New York BN


His Team:


QB Peyton Manning

WR Greg Jennings

WR Lance Moore

RB Brian Westbrook

RB Thomas Jones

TE Tony Gonzalez

W/R Eddie Royal

BN Donnie Avery

BN Michael Crabtree

BN Earnest Graham

BN Nate Burleson

BN Josh Morgan

BN Sammy Morris

K John Kasay

DEF Pittsburgh


League rules for offense are something like this:


WR, TE, and RB all get 1 point per 10, with a 3 point bonus at 100, 150, and 200, and a TD is 6 points.

QB gets 1 point every 30 yards, with a 3 point bonus at 300, 350, and 400, and a TD is 6 points.

I am satisfied with my kicker.

Defense basically gets 2 points per interception and fumble and 1 per sack, with some bonuses for not scoring much.


Also, my friend also offered me Peyton Manning instead of Jones, and I would switch Addai with Romo. This offer may still be up.

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Addai & TJones both have some issues.....I think they're probably equal risks....not living up to potential.....rookie RBs with a ton of talent breathing down their necks.....etc. Personally, I like Addai a little more than TJones....but that's jmo.....and that could change tomorrow.


saying that....the trade simply comes down to Smith vs Burleson. Yeah Burleson is bursting with potential and upside and "this is the year he's gonna breakout"......and it may be true. But we've been listening to that story for the last couple seasons....it hasn't happened yet. Smith is a proven stud.....always go with the stud!


Unless he brings more to the table than Burleson & Jones.....no way I make that trade.

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