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I play in a free Yahoo league which has a RB WR flex. It's a standard league no PPR so I like to play 3 RBs when I can. For the first time I have the number one overall selection, I plan to take Peterson from the Vikings with this selection. After that it get's tricky. Running a few mocks on ocassion I get Jacobs if he is there I take him and Boldin. If not I take Roddy White and Boldin. Further on down the food chain sit backs like Grant, Piere, Kevin Smith, McFadden etc. Not horrible backs by any means. Am I better id RD 2 and three taking one of these backs and the best WR available then in RD 4/5 grab the best WR RB again? I have found that after RD two Brees and Brady are gone. I also fell I can get quality in a QB later is this right way for me to go.



1. AP


2/3 RB/WR


4/5 RB/WR


6/7 QB / ?


7/8 DEF /TE

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first off all of the following (Grant, Piere, Kevin Smith, McFadden) will be off the board before you pick again in the 4th. The best you can hope for is Bush (has been dropping) in the 4th. You can go WR/WR at the turn 2/3 and then look to get Wells in the 4th and Benson in the 6th and then Bradshaw in the 8th. With the 5th, 7th, 9th picks I would go WR/TE/QB (in any order you would like). this will give a rounded team. I am noticing even with a big drop off at RB after the 1st 13 or 14 RBs the rest are even still going in the 3rd and 4th round. Teams at the end of the draft are going WR at the end of the 1st and most of the 2nd. I have seen at least 2 teams in the back half of draft going WR/WR and going at least 1 RB in the 3rd and 4th.


This is just my .02

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