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Pick 1 sleeper in each category!


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From another thread :wacko: change that to Davone Bess


At WR I also like Chris Henry and Bryant Johnson


At RB Leon Washington and Ahmad Bradshaw


At QB I think Hass and Palmer are nice plays


At TE I love Olsen this year but McMichaels and Schiancoe are both good sleepers at TE:

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That's what I was trying to point out... even A Gonzalez isnt a sleeper in my book. I WILL draft him and EXPECT him to perform as a WR2/3



That's why I answered with different players, ones I considered real sleepers.


He must mean undervalued players, but Gonzalez, a starter with Peyton Manning is a stretch too. Think Reggie Wayne when Harrison was still going strong.

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All I can say is I love the avatars from Pirates and Randall. These 2 arent bitter Brett is back in the league in the least bit are they?


How much venom will there be if Minn beats GB twice this year, or at least at lambeau.



Venom? You mean when Favre called the Detroit Lions giving them the plays right after being traded(not that it did any good)?


Or when he lied to the Jets about retiring and then sent his medical records to Minnesota the very next day.


Sounds like Judas to me.


I changed it. After last week I feel sorry for the Viikings. They don't know what they're in for.

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