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rookie running backs


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which rookie running back would you choose, moreno,wells,mccoy,brown and in what order,im in a keeper leauge, and have s.jackson and kevin smith but we have 12 teams and keep seven players so not much but rookies in the 1st round,i have the 2nd pick thank you

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if this was not a dynasty league, i go Brown. i think he'll get 50% of the touches to start and could increase that before long.

dynasty league, i go Moreno or McCoy. Moreno based soley on talent. you may have to wait out McDaniels a bit before he gives Moreno the touches he deserves. McCoy based half on talent and half on situation. Westbrook is 30 now.

Wells is just too injury prone.

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Brown, as was said he will see a number of carries, he is complimented by a solid passing game and Addai is in a contract year so I think if Brown does well they probably won't resign Addai who is like 27 now anyways.


Lesean McCoy would be my second pick, I don't think he will have as much of an impact this year but he is a westbrook type player and I think they will use him as such in the future...so bacially a rushing slot reciever.


Next Moreno, he will probably be the future offensive center piece in the broncos offense but this year I don't see them coming together that well and Moreno has been out with contract negotitiations and injuries...he won't be ready.


Wells would be my last pick, I think he will be locked into a committee system in Arizona for several years to come. While he'll probably be the goal-line back, he is awfully injury prone and until Warner retires they will be a pass happy team...and that could continue if the get another solid qb to replace Warner....maybe Lienert will step up but I don't think he is the guy.

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