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Should I do this Trade? Does this make my team dangerous?

robert terni

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PPR league we start qb-rb-wr-wr-rb/wr-te-k-def....my rbs are portis gore parker jamal lewis and graham, my wrs are andre johnson roddy white desean jax braylon edwards and my tes are carlson and shockey....here's the trade: I give up portis bray and shockey for chris johnson percy harvin and the gman steve smith..should I do this? I'm not high on portis this year..thoughts?

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It depends really, I mean Portis is a good runner if he can stay healthy and Johnson showed he is explosive and is a good fantasy player but that was last year...in my opinion at least you know what your getting with Portis. Johnson might see a sophmore slump plus he shares the ball with White, there just isn't enough to say that he will reproduce or come close. So its more of a gamble to take Johnson in my opinion.


You don't need Shockey, Carlson will have comparable if not better numbers this year with Hassleback throwing him the ball and will probably be the number 2 target behind TJ.


I'd do it, especially in a ppr league because Smith will be a possesion type reciever and he could see a number of targets considering he is about it in terms of experienced recievers on the team.


The jury is out on Harvin, we'll see.


I think this is a good trade for you, I just don't expect Johnson to do as well as he did last season....but thats just me.

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