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Trade Validation

Capt. Stanky

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I'm in a 10 team 10 player keeper league. I had a wealth of talent going into the draft (finished last the previous year and really spent the last month or so of the season acquiring talent). My only true weakness was at WR. I wasn't able to workout a deal prior to the draft, but I just worked out the following deal:


I give

S-Jax, LEvans, Avery and James Davis


I get

MLynch, Welker, AGonzo and FTaylor


Here's the meat of my team now:


QB's (start 2)

Rivers, Romo, Palmer


RB's (start 2)

MJD, Forte, Lynch


WR's (start 3)

AJohnson, Welker, BEdwards, AGonzo


Did I do good huddlers? Obviosly, I should be able to absorb the loss of Lynch for the first 3 weeks, barring an injury to MJD or Forte. I was able to acquire WR's without trading a QB, which was my goal. I'm currently talking to the Fitz owner about trading Welker and AGonzo for Fitz. Whatcha think about that as well?

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If I didn't see your team, I would probably think that he slightly got the better deal, but seeing that you already have MJD & Forte, I think you improved your team quite a bit in the WR department. Looks like a win win for both parties if he was short on running backs.

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