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Better Team 1,2 or 3


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10 team redraft. 15 rnds. 6 pts for any TD. .1 for every yard except qbs who get 1 pt per 20 yds tossed. Standard bonuses and ppr.

We play 8 guys at once. 1 qb, 2 rbs 2 wrs or a 3/1 choice, te,def,k. We r required to hold 2 def, 2 te and 2 k all season so we have very few offensive bench players.


Team 1


qb/Mcnabb Campbell

rb/ LT Gore Moreno

wr/ Marquis Desean Santana L Moore

te/ Gonzo Heath

def Titans Colts

k Crosby Vinatari


team 2


qb Rodgers Pennington

rb Forte Mcfadden Beanie

wr Jennings Roddy Ocho Royal

te Daniels Fasano

def Vikings Panthers

k Longwell Reed


team 3


Qb Rivers Orton

rb MJD SJax T Jones Hightower

wr Bowe TJ Santonio

te Olson Scheffler

def Giants Chargers

k Elam Brown

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Teams 2 and 3 are much stronger than team 1 in a ppr league i think. Based on green bay's schedule, read nfl.com's nice writing on qb situations and where they play in the playoffs(fantasy), and you'll see rodgers and mcnabb have some of the toughest, and with rodgers and jennings on the same team, whenever green bay has a problem, your team does, that being said, i thnk team 3 takes the slight advantage over team 2.

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