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Rate My Team Please....And some Trading Help...


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Here's my team


QB's - Joe Flacco, Brett Favre

RB's- Matt Forte, Pierre Thomas, Darren Mcfadden, Ray Rice

WR's- Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Lance Moore, Lavernious Coles

TE-Zach Miller

K-Mason Crosby



Defensive Players


LB- Barrett Ruud, Karlos Dansby, Curtis Lofton

S-Gibril Wilson, Brandon Merriweather,Antrel Rolle

DT-Kevin Williams


I know my QB's are kinda wack, but I think the rest of my team is pretty strong. Who would you guys try to package together and trade for a QB? Or do you think Flacco and Favre will cut it for now? Should I wait to see how things play out first or should I try to make a trade before opening dat?

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I'd package McFadden, Moore, and Favre for a number 1 qb if you wanta upgrade your qbs.


The reason I say that is because I don't think any of those guys will live up to expectations.


McFadden runs behind a suspect line with now passing offense.


Moore put up most of his numbers last season with Colston and Bush hurt so I just think he will lose a lot of targets.


Favre will be a good number 2 qb but you'll find somebody who will overvalue him just because he is Brett Favre.


I wouldn't settle for anything less than Rivers or the like plus a sleeper.


But really I think your team is solid enough to contend...but in my opinion your TE position is more of a concern than your qb situation.

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