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I am interested in Getting Dwayne Bowe..Offering Chris Chambers

Smackdown Smith

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I had a post on here a few days ago about Faulk...I wondered what everybody thought on him...the conversation didn't really go very far but basically I don't think he will produce like he did last season...Taylor will see the majority of the touches but even that won't be many....I don't think you'll get much for him, if at all.

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:wacko: Is this a fair deal? Also need a potential bust out running back.. James Davis, Rookie, Cleveland.. I would offer Kevin Foulk...Is that fair?


You are offering a guy in Chambers who The Huddle has ranked as the 43rd WR for

D.Bowe who The Huddle has ranked as the 11th ranked WR.You would have to add

another decent player to make this a fair offer.also Davis for Faulk is not a very fair

offer either.I love K.Faulk but not this year. Too many RB's in NE. In my opinion BJGE

is the most talentened RB in NE.Good luck with your trade offers.

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Wow, you generated some angry responses to your question. However, I would agree with the point of the posts. This is a deal that if accepted by another team, the league members would most assuredly cast a veto (or at least if I were in the league I cast a veto against it); it is that lopsided.

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I agree about not voting...I hate that part of trades...normally it isn't a big deal...but in one of my leagues there are like 4 people who veto every trade regardless of if its balanced or not. One guy even asked the others to stop blowing up all the trades... I don't get what the deal is...part of the fun of fantasy football is the trades....votes are generally bad....if your a noob then play in a noob league and then that just leaves stupid people in my leagues and I don't mind scammin then by trading J Russel for P Manning....I wish.



I take that back, stupid people would take all the fun outta the challenge.

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