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I need some advice on who to play. I have two slots open.. One of them is a WR slot and the other is a RB/WR flex spot. Which two should I play out of this list?


1) Tory Hold (vs Ind.)

2) Justin Fargas (vs SD)

3) Michael Bush (vs SD)

4) Chris Chambers (vs Oak)

5) Edgerrin James (vs StL)


Thank in advance for any help!



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My league points is 1pt per 10 yards for both recivers and backs. And 6pts per TD. No points per reception. So pretty basic. Also since this is pretty standard, is there a name for this type of scoring system. Thanks.




Hey Lead,

Welcome to the huddle boards....I'd love to help you out here, but for this WDIS (who do I start) question I'd need to know your scoring system to give you an useful and relevant answer.


Drop it in this thread and I'm sure you'll get some input,


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There are enough FF drafts still going on that many readers of this board are not yet ready to consider WDIS posts, which may limit your responses for the moment ... but don't fret, the WDIS posts will start to dominate this board in the next 3-5 days.


In any event, to your question ... given Fargas' hammy injury, I'd think that Bush is a good choice for you in week #1 ... after that, a bit of a tossup between Chambers & Holt ... I may lean towards Holt to start the year ... especially if it looks like CC may be faced with lining up against Asomugha more often than not.

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Unfortunately there really isn't any "standard" scoring any more, the description that you've offered is pretty clear and contains most of the detail folks will need to help you, you can always drop that description and your roster in your signature and then folks will have all the context they need to answer any future questions you'll pose.


As to your specific question I agree with TS


I'd go with Michael Bush for sure whom I think will have a nice first game versus SD in your RB/WR flex spot. I'd lean toward Holt in your WR spot over Chambers...


Best of Luck,


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