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I have Rodgers, and Hasselback, but my opponent has TJ and Carlson


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Hi fellow Huddlers,


my league format: PPR, QB,WR1/2,RB 1/2, TE, W/R, K, DEF.

My team: Rodgers/Hassel, Andre J, Eddie Royal, R.Grant, S.Slaton, Kev. Boss, Gould, Cotchery, SD Def


this week, I face a team with TJ and Carlson, and was wondering if it's a good idea to start Hasselback instead of Rodgers, to offset the TDs TJ or Carlson might score against me. The Hawks face STL which is a good matchup, and feel like i'm not gonna lose that much by starting Hasselback this week. Rodgers faces CHI this week...


Thanks in advance,



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If you have reason to think that Hass will score more fantasy points in a given week (due to matchup, weather, injuries, the general alignment of the stars & planets, whatever) than Rodgers - then yes, it is a good idea to start Hass that week. I'd never however, start a player with the idea that doing so will somehow "offset" the points that my opponent's players might score. Start the players that you believe will score the most points for YOU in a given week, and let the other guy's roster take care of itself.

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Start Rodgers. By starting Hass you wouldn't necessarily be offsetting TJ's points but simply weakening yourself at QB. Let your players outscore your opponents players, don't try to offset their score.


Good luck with the season.

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You are in trouble my friend...I am starting Hass over Schaub. Hass is gonna tear StL apart and start off good this year. Of course, by week 8 he will have been sacked so much and battered that he will be hobbled and headed for IR, but I am riding him in week 1. Housh and Carlson are gonna tear you up...

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