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Need some trade advice


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I've got a decent team, especially for a PPR league, but I'm a little concerned about my RBs. I was offered [Ray Rice + Antonio Bryant + Jamaal Charles] for [Greg Jennings + Darren Sproles (guy I'm trading has LT)]. I guess I'm just trying to get some general opinions on this one, I'm sure I could tweak the offer around a little bit, but this one didn't seem like all that bad of one to me especially considering I had wanted Rice and just missed out on him. I guess my main question is what is Antonio Bryant expected to do (especially with TB QB situation) this year. If I get Jamaal Charles I'll most likely hold him and try to get a trade going with whoever has LJ, even though I'm not sure who I would drop at this point for him. One reason I'm thinking about cutting the extra player out and restructuring the trade a bit.


I've always got the option of sitting back with all these #2 RB's and see if any of the starters get hurt, but especially with stewart being hurt I don't want to wait around too long. I'm most likely gonna be playing the matchups all year long with my RBs anyways, and I was hoping to use a WR for my flex spot since I'm so deep in that area.


Any advice would be welcomed, and for those of you with signatures turned off:


12 man PPR league - 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 D, 1 K

  • Quarterback - [ Peyton Manning ][ Jake Delhomme ]
  • Running Back - [ Cedric Benson ][ Jonathon Stewart ][ Darren Sproles ][ Jerious Norwood ][ Ahmad Bradshaw ]
  • Wide Receiver - [ Andre Johnson ][ Greg Jennings ][ T.J. Houshmandzadeh ][ Derrick Mason ][ Steve Breaston ]
  • Tight End - [ Tony Gonzales ][ Bo Scaife ]
  • Defense - [ Eagles ]
  • Kicker - [ Neil Rackers ]



edit - And as expected post a link and I'll throw in my 2 cents for whatever problems you have

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The jist of this trade is a no.5 WR ( and a proven WR) for no. 22 running back on a committee of 3 who does look promising but this is basically based on a good pre season. If I were you I would shop Jennings, you could get a much better RB for him.Jennings was gone no later than the 2nd round, while Rice averaged 5,or6. Rice is going higher now because of his so called sleeper status. You definitely need to do something about your RB's , they are really bad. You should shop around in a hurry, and also look at WW for Bernard Scott to handcuff Benson.

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Yeah I had thought about that, but I also wasn't too sure about how Antonio Bryant would do this year. I wasn't too happy about the idea of losing Jennings, maybe I can try and replace them with someone like Housh for Vincent Jackson or something like that. Or like you said just shop Jennings outright for a top RB. I'm not too familiar with the Ravens RBs either, but I've read McClain was gonna be used as more of a blocking back this year. I guess the first thing I need to do is use some of the backup RBs to try and entice a trade.


Anyways, thanks for the post. Usually helps to think this stuff out before I make a dumb move heh.

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