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Need help setting up a good structure for a deep auction/keeper/dynasty league


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I was connecting with a bunch of old friends over Thanksgiving weekend and was surprised how many of them played fantasy football. We all pretty much agreed it was a great way to trash talk / keep in touch with each other, and I was basically nominated to commish a new league for us all, we want to start at 16 teams and eventually try to work towards a 32-team keeper/dynasty league.


We want to keep the casuals interested but also have enough of a prize pool so I thought up a format that allows you to gamble as little as $100 or as much as $250.


I'm also a bit of a nerd and put together what I think is a great system for a keeper/dynasty league with an auction format. Let me know your thoughts or if you think this wouldn't work for some reason...



Join this group to reserve your spot in the first season of The League.


If you have any suggestions for league members post on the wall.


We will cap the league at 16 teams for the first year.


Any suggestions for rules, etc., should be made on the wall.


As of now this is what we are looking at:




$100 buy-in, winner gets $1,500 (and the SHIVA for a year), third place gets their $100 back. Second place gets nothing. The winner is responsible for putting their own team name on the trophy and making any necessary repairs to the trophy before handing it off to the winner next year.





An Inoffensive Fantasy Football Name is a Lame Fantasy Football Name. 'Team [yourlastnamehere]' will not be tolerated.





We will hold an AUCTION draft. This means you have a $100 'Salary Cap'' to spend on players and whoever bids the most for a player gets that player. We will do this in an AIM chat room and then Scott will put the rosters into ESPN after the draft. You also need to save some of that $100 for waiver moves, which will be done via blind-auction each week.


There are no points per reception (PPR). You may start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 Kicker and one Defense each week.


After Week 10 (byes are done), all rosters are LOCKED, waivers and trades are closed. Your team is what it is. This means you should carry a backup QB and even a backup kicker because you cannot pick up anybody if your guy goes down. If you cannot dress a full team then you will have an empty roster slot in your starting lineup.





After Week 5, you must declare whether or not you wish to 'Double Down' for the optional playoff fantasy league. This is a seperate $100 rotiesserie-style league for only the playoffs. You dress the best team possible with your team. If your players make it deeper in the playoffs, they're going to rack up more points. Most points gets the prize pool but no trophy sorry.





For the regular season league, teams will be placed randomly in four divisions of four teams each. You play your division opponents twice each (six games) and will have seven random non-divisional opponents to fill out your regular season fantasy schedule.


Division winners will be seeded 1-4 in the playoffs and two wildcards will be seeded 5th and 6th. The #1 and #2 seeds will get byes. The #3 seed will not neccesseraly play the #6 seed. The #3 seed will get to choose their opponent for the first round of the playoffs (Week 14). They can choose the four seed if they want, it is what it is. The #1 seed will get to choose their opponent for the second round of the playoffs (Week 15). There will also be a three-point 'home field advantage' for the playoffs for all higher seeds.





There will be a beer pong tournament held in New York in August to determine the 'Super Wild Card'. The 'Super Wild Card' winner will have the ability to change his division after the draft has taken place, therefore using his analysis of each team positioning himself in the best possible place and having the ultimate power of moving any one team. If you are not present for the beer pong tournament a replacement will be selected to represent your team. The Super Wild Card Beer Pong Tournament will be broadcast live online courtesy of Livestream.com.





This will also be a keeper/dynasty league. After the season is over you can keep up to 10 players (restricted by position) -- up to an entire starting lineup (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense) -- and your unkept players will be released to the auction draft player pool for next year. You must pay each of your kept players DOUBLE what you paid for the year before. ie: If you won Peyton Manning last year for $20, you must pay him $40 to keep him. So you would only have $60 in cap room remaining for next years auction/waivers.


Everyone must keep at least 8 players.


You also must declare a three-man protected list. Next year we will hold another $100 auction draft for unkept (flushed) players, free agents and rookies only, to fill out our benches.





If you think your team is awful, you have the option to 'Flush' your entire squad. This means your entire roster is released to the auction draft pool. If you flush your team, you will participate in a seperate draft where you select one unprotected player (4th best player) from each teams keeper list for a flat fee of $5 per pick.


You must select one player from each team so be aware that you will only have $25-35 in cap room remaining to use in the auction draft / waivers.


Keeper players: For every player lost from your keeper list, you may protect an additional player (so if two teams are in the flush draft, you will lose your 4th and 6th best players). You don't pay the salary of any player lost though, so you have more $$ in Salary Cap if you lose a high-priced player to a flush team.


Any expansion teams will be treated like flushed teams.


You must declare a flush by writing that you are flushing on every person in the league's facebook wall. This is embarrassing and tedious. A max of three teams may Flush in any single season on a first-come-first-serve basis. You may declare a flush during the season if you'd like. You may not flush your team if you did not participate in Double Down Playoff Fantasy.





Note that while we are capping registration at 16 teams this year it is my intention to eventually expand this to a 32-team league. Starting lineups will adjust obviously as we expand to maintain an appropriate amount of depth. But if you do not want to play in a deep league then this is not the league for you.





We will also have an optional winner-take-all $50 survivor pool open only to league members. So you're in for up to $250 if you do everything, but only $100 if you're a my little buddy and just want want to do regular season fantasy football.

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didn't read through it all but i didn't really like too many of the rules i read through. actually some of those rules were pretty bad.
+.5 I wouldn't say they are bad per se, just weird, different, or not normal. There isn't anything wrong if everyone knows, understands, and agrees to the rules, but I think you have way to many non-traditional rules to call it a "good structure". Have any of the friends seen or commented on the rules?
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