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Need help switching from keeper to salary league


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I'm toying with the idea of switching from a keeper league, to an auction/salary cap league. My dilemma is what to do with those teams that sold the farm this season, to acquire extra picks and/or good keepers for next season. I thought of maybe giving those teams with extra picks a higher salary for next year. Not sure if that's really fair though. Has anyone gone through this before?? Anyone have any advice? I heard that auction/salary leagues are the way to go, and I'm very excited to give it a shot.

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Going from a redraft format to salary cap should be easy enough, but your current keeper format makes things far more complicated in order to be fair, as you mention.


To clarify, how long can currently "kept" players be retained - 1 year, 2 years, variable?


I realize that you probably want to make the switch to a "cap" league format next season, but if you really want to be fair to all teams, you may need to consider giving enough notice that it matches the duration of the longest current "keeper" contract ... meaning that if 1 team (for example) has Alex Smith signed as a keeper for the next 2 seasons, you switch to the cap format in 3 years - or whenever all of the longest current "keeper contracts" expire.


Other than waiting (if you need to, again depending on the current keeper / contract format) about the only other "fair" way around this I can think of would be to devise some sort of formula that assigns a certain dollar value to future draft picks (higher pick = higher dollar value of course) and to "keeper players" / length of player contract (longer contract = higher value) with a view to adding the "calculated compensation" dollars to each team's initial cap season spending limit as you have already sort of suggested.


Another thought would be to retain the keeper format concept even when you switch to a salary cap format, since that would reduce the complexity of making the switch "fair" in that all you'd have to worry about calculating is a formula for determining compensation dollars for the "lost" draft picks ... although maybe that idea is already part of your plan.





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