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To start, If you answer mine, I'll answer yours:


My Semi Final matchup features an opponent with Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Dallas Clark, Chris Johnson and Thomas Jones..... I have some serious RB problems this week and need some help deciding on what to do: For starters, our league is non PPR standard scoring, 1 pt 10 Rush, 1 pt 10 rec, 1 pt 25 pass, 6 pt td.... I have reggie Wayne, and am thinking of sitting him for Hines Ward. What are your thoughts on starting a WR that his QB is playing for the opponent??? Now for the RB situation. Steven Jackson has a sore back and tought match up vs Houstan who has improved, without a STL passing game, they will stack the box. Ryan Grant has an impossible matchup vs Pittsburgh....What do you guys think of me starting Beanie Wells vs Det ( after last night, looks like Beanie moved up on the depth chart) and Justin forsett vs Tampa?? I am also thinking of starting the Houstan D vs STL instead of the Saints vs Dallas...would love some help hear guys...send me your threads and I will answer it.

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well i hope ur sig isnt updated cuz u should of dropped ronnie brown weeekss ago. but dont worry about matchups, start ur stars.


I would go like this.



Jackson, Wells

Andre, Reggie, Ward





You have a tough matchup, but I think you have a chance. good luck!


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I really expect Schuab to have another HUGE game this week so is is for sure.


Jackson, poor, poor Jackson. The man diserves a better team bt he does as well as anyone can under such circumstances. I think he is a must this week.


Wells should have a MONSTER game. TH showed that there is more to his thumb injury than prevously reported so Wells will get the majority of the touches and looks. Also against a horrific rush defense, AZ will try to run the ball as much as possible to prevent injury to some other K players.


I think Andre (because again, Matt will have another HUGE game), Wayne and Ward will be you best options. Granted, Wayne is starting to feel the effects of when he was the number 2 receiver and Harrison was the number 1 when everyteam started double covering Harrison which opened up Wayne. Same is starting to happen to Collie but he should still get some good numbers this week..


Regarding the defense, I think you almost have to start any defense that plays against STL. They've allowed so many returns for points its not even silly.


Please see mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=311770

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