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Weak at DB, pick up Adrian Wilson?

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1.2 pts per Solo

0.4 pts per assist

3 pts per sack

3 pts per INT

1.8 pts per FF

1.2 pts per FR

6 pts per TD

2 pts per safety

1 pt per pass defended


I'm weak at DB and wanted to know if I should pick up Adrian Wilson and drop one of Betha, Moore, Earl Thomas. Going to keep K. PhiIlips. I know the huddle has Wilson ranked pretty high this week but I'm looking more for the rest of the season. I'm guessing it is not a good sign when 2 of my 4 DBs don't even make the huddles top 50 for the week. Thanks

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I have Wilson and Behtea both rated as 3-star plays this week and for the season probably give Bethea a small nod

William Moore, I had high hopes for him and so far :wacko: I can be a bit slow to get off the train so I am still holding out some hope.

Thomas I have as a 3-star play this week too but out of all the DBs you listed I like him the least.

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